📃 Tag Challenge #1 📃

Lengray’s Tag Challenge seemed like a decent way to trim the backlog a bit without having to find games for annoying letters (although I’m still working on the ABC plan), so I figured I might as well join in the fun. I also yoinked borrowed the table formatting from Sheep 👀

Unlike for the ABC plan, I won’t be changing any* of the games on the list, and I’ve also made it 13 tags instead of 12 just because Nioh 2 isn’t even released yet and it’s still technically part of my backlog, but I still felt like I was cheating by adding that one here :p

*2022 update: I will actually have to replace Horizon Zero Dawn at some point, since the latest update has completely ruined the way the game works for me (takes 7-8min to load a save file every single time now)

Tag Game Title Status
3D Platformer A Hat in Time Beaten
Action Darksiders Warmastered Edition Unplayed
Anime Crosscode Unplayed
Bullet Hell Gensokyo Night Festival Unplayed
Difficult West of Dead Unplayed
Hunting Horizon Zero Dawn™ Complete Edition Abandoned
JRPG Tales of Berseria Beaten
Narration Beyond: Two Souls Beaten
Open World Sunset Overdrive Beaten
Souls-like Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition Unfinished
Stealth Styx: Shards of Darkness Unplayed
Visual Novel Nurse Love Addiction Completed

That’s a very nice list. Glad to see you picked up my idea so soon.


Thanks. The idea mostly helped since like at least half of this list should’ve been played a very long time ago :3


Yep seems like your thing is becoming popular



Nice list, some of those also almost ended up on mine. Nice effort not having any roguelikes in there. Seems you have quite a few long-ish games in there, good luck :sweat:


no u

Yeah, I can play shorter games in-between the long ones anyway. I applied the same rule with the ABC plan as well to try and tackle the lenghtier games in the backlog 👀


I tried to do the same but i’m scared it’s gonna make for a very slow progress, i’m always scared to start those massive games.


Any progress is still progress :v I’d much rather work on those than increase my percentage fast just for the sake of it :3<