May & June Report


Well, this has been pretty horrible 2 months when it comes to beating my backlog 😬 During Steam Spring cleaning event I made a huge mistake… I started playing The Binding of Isaac again! All because Steam told me so. Well I only had to launch it but I decided to play one run but it didn’t stopped there…

This game is such a time sucker and so addicting I added another 100 hours of playtime in a month and week or two! I decided I might as well stick to it and 100% before the new and hopefully the last expansion (this time for real, please Edmund?) comes out sometime in december…

For this month I plan to play and beat at least four games to make up for the last two… Hopefully I can make it as I’m leaving for two weeks in August and ain’t gonna have access to my games.

Here are few games I played before Isaac sucked me in.
Careful as my screenshots from Sakura Nova are NSFW (+18 patch)

Sakura Nova

Sakura Nova

2.9 hours
15 of 15 achievements

At this point everyone should know what Sakura games are about, right?

Sakura Nova is yet another dumb VN from Winged Cloud where you, the young, handsome guy has to deal with pretty and horny girls that want to have sex with you.

This one is set in some kind of medieval fantasy, you live in a beautiful, white walled city guarded by an elite force of something that you really want to join.

And it just happens that you two classmates are hot babes with huge boobs and skimpy outfits that serve as their armor. Your teacher also has one of those and also is a hot babe, but she has an eyepatch which makes her a badass, wow!

Yeah this one is as dumb as the rest. Later on you train in school dungeons filled with monsters and girls always manage themselves to get caught and raped by tentacles. You save them, they start to like you and want to have sex with you. At one point out of blue the girl just says “Let’s have sex here!” and that’s exactly what happens.

I played with +18 patch and I really can’t understand what people see in those games? The uncensored art is pretty good I guess, but staring at it for 5 minutes while reading what noises characters make gets boring really fast. The writing is really bad, the characters are shallow, story is very simplistic, I think I saw better hentai’s than what’s shown in this. People really get off to this? I guess there is a specific demographic that is into this stuff, in this specific game your character is a dude who dual-wields katanas or something lol. The only thing that’s missing is a fedora on his head.

But hey, the cards are worth something. I got A LOT of these Sakura games in a very cheap bundle, I probably should get rest of them for next steam sale.

The Sexy Brutale

The Sexy Brutale

9.8 hours
18 of 18 achievements

Stuck in a beautiful mansion on an exquisite party, you have to rescue your friends from staff conspiring to kill you all. However, you have an ability to reset the day and try as many times as you want in case you fail. But, you also cannot be seen by anyone, your friends or the staff. So you have to be a little helpful ghost that spies and plans how to save everybody without interacting with them.

That’s the whole game and I think it was executed pretty well. Each character has it’s own unique personality and outfit and you have to learn their daily routine, what or who kills them and how to stop it. The mansion is huge and pretty diverse and beside saving people you have to find out how exactly all of this started and why are you stuck in here. It’s fun and interesting as you progress until the very ending which is, well, pretty disappointing.

You don’t get to choose who you save first and as you save people you unlock some of their abilities that let’s you access areas or containers previously unreachable. There are also collectibles to find and some are hard to find and can only be found at specific hour.

It could be an 8/10 game for me but unfortunately despite having above minimum requirements I would often get FPS drops below 30fps, sometimes even single digit FPS :| That’s just unacceptable for me, especially since the game doesn’t look that good. Maybe it could be fixed if the game offered proper video options menu, instead all you can do is change resolution and pick windowed/borderless.

Lastly OST, which is amazing. A mix of Jazz, classical and…electro-swing, which in this game sounds pretty good?! That’s a first time I can say that, as everything else I heard from that genre is just fucking horrible.

Favorite tracks:
The Sexy Brutale Theme
Tequila At Noon
Shattered Hope (Tequila's Theme)

Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015: Do You Still Shower With Your Dad

Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015: Do You Still Shower With Your Dad

3.1 hours
18 of 22 achievements

Meme game.

Well I only launched this during Steam Spring Cleaning event to complete a task and it gave me an achievement for launching this game… And since I didn’t liked the idea of leaving this with just one achievement completed, I kept playing.

It’s a dumb game where you choose one of the three kids, white kid, black kid or Australian kid? Anyway after that you have to travel to a dad that matches your skin color and that’s most of the game lol. There are few secret modes you can unlock, like a flappy bird mode where you are in a bath tube and have to rescue your dad(s), a detective game with dad with no pants and a broken shower and a copy of frog fractions but with dad’s to catch. It’s dumb and between game modes you get to read dad jokes.

I’ll give them that this game has a lot more content than I expected. I play it now for achievements but I keep unlocking new stuff O_O Most people will probably turn it off after 15 minutes, but there’s quite a lot of different pick-ups you can unlock. Also every time you go to wrong dad you get a big red text “WRONG DAD” and this keeps making me chuckle every time this happens for whatever reason.

Achievement hunters just be aware that this game might have some achievements that are impossible to unlock…I did some reading and I’m not entirely sure, as some people seem to find solutions but they don’t seem to work for everybody, so be careful with this one. Might want to delete this if you grabbed it just because it was cheap and you have no interest in this game.


Oh thats a lot of time on binding of isaac and from the looks of it I need to add it back to my account since there was not like 400 when I played it last


You removed it from your account? Also don’t get used to 400 achievements, there’s going to be more later this year X_x


Yes i removed that and a bunch of other games because i dont like them


Oh well if you didn’t liked it at first then I’m not sure if you gonna like it now. Did you played flash version or Rebirth?


Rebirth. I wouldnt say i totally disliked it but it also wasny the best. I didnt get why my friend spent so many 100s hours on that game it was a surprise


GOD I feel you about electro-swing. You’d THINK it’d go hard as hell but it’s really repetitive and basic and… embarrassing?

Holy shit, best of luck on clearing the Binding of Isaac. I played it for a few months a while ago and that shit is HARD. I could never really get the hang of it.


86maylin recommended some electro-swing songs that convinced him/her to electro-swing, but my stance towards it didn’t change :( Funny how a theme from game that has just few electro-swing tracks in it’s OST came close to changing my mind about that genre.

And Thanks, I almost did it once before Afterbirth+ came out :D Yeah it’s hard at start, sometimes you get really unlucky and often you don’t really know what some item does straight away. If you decide to come back, I recommend watching Northernlion and his recent LP’s, at least you’ll learn how to dodge etc. from watching him.


Haven’t actually beaten The Sexy Brutale yet. Was given to me for free a while back by a generous SG user. I think I finished the first two areas and then basically called it quits since I wasn’t too fond of the puzzle elements. Gotta push forward with it though. The soundtrack’s definitely the main attraction with this one for me.

Shower With Your Dad is pretty boring in my eyes. Sure, 10-15 minutes of decent arcade action, but after that it just got old for me.

Glad to have read your post!


I hope it’s not the main theme that convinced you to try again ;P Good luck!


Uhh… totally not the main theme… no… not that great song ^^’


I used to think similar things(albeit not thinking it’s horrible, just I’m not interested) about electro-swing until I found Caravan Palace. Have you heard of their stuff? I’m in love with their music recently and they all just makes me really happy and wants to dance. :3 Although their recent stuff have gone more main-stream and pop, two old typical electro-swing songs of theirs I like are Dramophone and Rock It For Me, especially the latter.


I gave both of them a listen and my opinion about electro-swing didn’t change, sorry :( Oh well, it’s still a pretty young genre, so maybe it’ll evolve to a point I can enjoy it.


It’s alright~Everyone likes different things. :D Like for me, I can’t stand country. xP