March - May 2019 Progress

Finished games:


Yakuza Kiwami

77.8 hours, 55 of 55 achievements


It's a Yakuza game, alright, but it's not one of the best of the series. The remake shares a lot of assets and mechanics from Yakuza 0.
Combat is mostly the same - you have your 3 standard fighting styles from Yakuza 0 that work almost exactly the same as before and the Dragon style, which starts off weak but gets stronger and stronger as you complete certain encounters.
The story is okay for today's standards and not as good as the rest of the series. In contrast to the other entries, Yakuza 1 was made more like a normal action movie with little to no room for a sequel.
If I had to pick the best thing in Yakuza Kiwami, I'd say the Majima Everywhere system. Early in the game, Majima notices that you're in pathetic shape and he decides to harass you until you get better. He's on a constant lookout for Kiryu and you can meet him literally anywhere. You may bump into him while he's patrolling the streets, he may surprise you from a hiding spot and he can also go Roman Bellic on you and challenge you to a game of bowling! Every win against Majima brings Kiryu one step closer to his former strength by giving you an upgrade or a new move for Dragon style and as you fight Majima more, encounters with him get funnier and more ridiculous.
As for differences between the remake and the original… I would say the remake is very faithful to the original PS2 version. Cutscenes are exactly the same, with the same animations (which are so well done, it's hard to notice that the anims were reused) and same camera angles. Dialogues were rerecorded and some parts of the game that weren't voiced are now voiced in the remake, however there is no English dubbing this time (the original English dub is hilariously bad, though). The English translation was redone and now matches the Japanese script closely.

Shortly put, Yakuza Kiwami might not be as impressive as Yakuza 0, but it's still a good game. As a remake, it does its job very well as it improves on the original in many ways.

SteamWorld Dig

8.6 hours, 24 of 24 achievements


A platform action-adventure game about digging in a mine.

This game reminds me of Motherload, a old, awesome Flash game I used to play back in the day. This game hooked me just like Motherload. While it's a short game (4-6 hours long), it's well-polished, beautiful and addicting. The final boss fight is a bit of a dissapointment, though - it's forgettable and too easy. It's a good choice if you're looking to play something that you can finish in one weekend.

Hector: Badge of Carnage

10.1 hours, no achievements


A point-and-click game.

This game is full of dark, British humour. Dialogues are sometimes hard to understand due to British slang but usually it's hilarious. Puzzles are quite easy, but if you do get stuck, there's a in-game hint system that'll help you out.
This is nowhere close to games like Day of the Tentacle, but it's fairly decent. It's worth a shot if you enjoy British humour.

Beat Cop

10 hours, no achievements


A Papers, Please style game about being a beat cop (police officer who patrols a specific territory).

This one's interesting. This game was inspired by 80s cop shows and movies, which I like to watch myself. Writing parking tickets isn't really that fun but there are unique, interesting events each day, which will keep you playing. Some of those events are searching vehicles, helping the mafia deal with other gangs or solving weird problems for the community (like finding an actor for a porn movie). While I had fun until the end, the endings themselves are underwhelming, the game just goes "so this and that happened to you and the antagonist, k thx bye". It's also incredibly easy to skip dialogue by mistake if some pops up while you're trying to run, at least that's what happened to me on the mobile version. It's a nice game, too bad that they didn't put much effort into the endings.

Binary Domain

11.3 hours, 30 of 49 achievements


A third-person shooter.

This is a game made by the same people behind the Yakuza series. I was curious to see how they would handle a game that has very little to do with Yakuza. The story kept me intrigued, the gunfights are pretty fun and the locations you visit in this game are nice-looking. This game also boasts that you can use your voice to issue orders to your squadmates, but honestly it's just a gimmick that doesn't have much impact on gameplay. The PC port is good, it's stable and with no performance issues. It runs at 60 FPS and 30 FPS in cutscenes. However, some work is required to get controllers to work properly. In the end, I'm surprised that they handled this game quite well! It's not amazing, but it's good and it should keep you entertained for a while.


Quantum Break

15.0 hours, 42 of 42 achievements


A third-person shooter with live-action TV show episodes.

In my opinion, the story, cutscenes and TV shows are the best points of the game. Those are really good, I felt like I was playing (or rather watching?) a Hideo Kojima game. There's also tons of collectibles (like e-mails, posters, radio podcasts) that add depth to the world and the story. Gameplay isn't really special, just a TPS with a couple abilities you can use, but it's pretty good. Great game, now I'm excited to see what Remedy will do with Control.

Aviary Attorney

9.2 hours, no achievements


A detective visual novel with Ace Attorney-like gameplay.

You can see right away that the game is trying to be like the Ace Attorney series. It takes a lot of features and traits of that series, however it does change up some things. The story is fairly good, the artstyle is charming, while the dialogues are interesting and funny. It's short though, and the court cases end way too quickly in my opinion. I would recommend to play the Ace Attorney series instead, but if you already completed the series and are still looking for more, this game will help you fill the void.


Hyper Light Drifter

29.5 hours, 23 of 23 achievements


A 2D action RPG with inspiration from the Zelda and Diablo series.

This game is incredible. Wonderful artstyle, hard, but very fun gameplay, top-notch soundtrack and a wordless story that lets you interpret it any way you would like. It's almost perfect. Gameplay is hard to master, but satisfying. This game is no cakewalk - I sucked at it at the beginning, but as I played more, I had less problems avoiding attacks and slashing enemies. No one will hold your hand, not much is explained, except for controls and few mechanics. If you're up for a good challenge then I would absolutely recommend this game.

The Talos Principle

33.8 hours, 40 of 40 achievements


A 3D puzzle game.

The puzzles in this game are amazing! I suck at puzzle games and I usually get stuck halfway through, but in this game, I was able to figure out almost all of the puzzles on my own. Solving a hard puzzle always took me a while, but hot damn, I felt so satisfied when I finally solved it! The story gives you a lot of food for thought and the graphics, while not important, look very good. The Road To Gehenna DLC is great, too. It has less, but harder and more complex puzzles. I liked how I could talk with other people on a forum board through terminals and play short text adventure games.
I can easily say this is one of the best puzzle games I've ever played. I would recommend this game to any puzzle lover. If you suck at puzzles, consider playing the free demo first.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!

126.1 hours, 45 of 45 achievements


Oh boy, here we are… After over a year and a half, I finally managed to complete CSD2 and get true 100% completion! That took really long, but I'm very proud of this incredible achievement.

First, I have to say that I'm one of the beta testers for this game. My point of view is slightly different as I had a chance to play the game and every update before their release. I gotta say, the game right after release and right now feel completely different. The developer wrote a nice article about CSD2's hectic launch and sales, here's the link if anyone is interested. It's a interesting article to read if you're curious about the game development career.

This game is CHALLENGING. You have to make the food exactly as the order specifies, placing the correct ingredients and making sure that the food cooks/bakes/fries/freezes/whatever for a proper amount of time. There's no such thing as undo - screw up just one order and you can say goodbye to the gold medal. The first few moments are easy, but later on the game gets much, MUCH harder. Fortunately, the game has drop in, drop out co-op to let your friend/partner help you out with orders and zen mode available for those who wish for a calmer experience.

During gameplay you get to see all those incredibly appetizing food you make. The food looks so good, you could basically rename "Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!" to "Food Porn: The Game", and there's over 200 different foods! It's a shame that you won't be able to pay much attention to how mouth-watering the food is during tense situations or when you learn to prepare orders super fast.

Also, for a game about cooking and running a restaurant, it has some seriously deep lore, hidden in e-mails, food and restaurant descriptions. Did you know that in the CSD universe, World War I was actually an unsuccessful attempt to combine several cuisines into one, most of the western part of USA was either destroyed or turned into a nuclear wasteland and tea is used to treat existential crises? At certain times it felt like a goddamn cooking game had better writing than some visual novels.

I have to praise the well-done soundtrack that matches the game very well. Chill songs will play in the evening when the day is about to end and intense music will play during rush hours when the starving, impatient mob charges into your restaurant to get some of that sweet, swell-looking delish grub.

Honestly I would be hesitant to recommend Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! shortly after release. It was still good at that time, but considering how many features it was missing, I would tell others to wait for the patches and then buy. But after all those updates that added lots of new content, modes, features, improvements and fixes, I can safely recommend it to any player, casual or hardcore. Supposedly there's even more stuff coming later this year. Oh, and by the way… don't play this game on an empty stomach.

Yakuza Kiwami 2

91.7 hours, 59 of 59 achievements


WOW. I was completely surprised that this game got released on PC so early - almost 3 months after Kiwami 1's PC release!

Yakuza Kiwami 2 runs on the new Dragon Engine, which is a massive improvement. Kamurocho and Sotenbori both look marvelous and there are no loading screens during fights and when entering buildings!
Compared to Yakuza 1, Y2's story is much better. It introduces new, more interesting characters (including Kiryu's best rival in the series). Gameplay is radically changed due to the new engine. Fighting is very similar to Yakuza 6 with some improvements. You only have one, new fighting style that combines the features of all Kiryu's styles. Some moves are now gone and some new ones were added. The only issue here is that Kiryu feels overpowered in this game, upgrade damage too much and you'll defeat pretty much everyone with no challenge at all, even on hard difficulty.

When it comes to minigames, Kiwami 2 has a pretty low amount of them, compared to other Yakuza games. Outside of the staple minigames like gambling minigames, mahjong, karaoke, darts, baseball and UFO Catcher, you can also play driving range, Clan Creator from Yakuza 6, Cabaret Club from Yakuza 0 and there's also a toilet minigame for some reason???
As for the soundtrack, while Kiwami 1 remixed most of the old songs and added a couple new ones, Kiwami 2 did the opposite - most of the songs are new and only a few of them are remixes of the original songs. The new songs are average, but all of the remixes surpass the originals. The 2 licensed songs made by Crazy Ken Band are also gone and replaced by songs made by SiM, but those songs don't fit the cutscenes they play in as much as CKB songs do.

Last, the port. The only issue I had with the port is the mediocre performance, but this isn't much of a surprise considering that the PS4 can barely handle this game as well. Some users report frequent crashes, however I did not get a single crash on my PC.

Yakuza Kiwami 2 is definitely a huge step forward compared to Kiwami 1, and one of the better games in the series. Amazing plot, great fighting mechanics, beautiful graphics and fun minigames are hurt by low difficulty and poor soundtrack. I recommend installing this mod to restore the licensed music from the PS2 version of the game.

Unfinished games:

  • The first time I played Tower Unite, it was extremely addicting. Cool minigames, meeting and chatting with strangers, being able to decorate your condo any way you like… This game is awesome, but it gets a little boring after 100+ hours of playtime. Fortuntely, this game is still receiving updates with new features, items and games. Can’t wait for the arcade update!
  • I started playing Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure in June. It has the charm and I love the beautiful, large and detailed locations in this game, but I felt bored after a while since it was repetitive.

Next up:

  • Mafia

    0.0 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • I heard so many good things about the first two Mafia games, I wanted to play them ASAP, so I’ve decided to buy and try the first Mafia. Looking forward to it!

Current progress:


does not include "won't play" games

Final notes:

Oh man… It’s been so long since I last made a post. I’m sooo late with this, but I’m glad to finally get this post done. Progress will be a bit slower from now on. There are a couple web projects I want to work on and I’ll focus more on them. I hope you enjoyed the post!


Ohh you got me interested in Beat Cop. Downloaded it on my phone now. :D
It has been a long while huh. Remembered seeing your posts monthly and I really like your short but precise reviews! Wish I can write like that, but I’m the rambling kind and I love to type all these nonsense. xD


Really? I think my reviews are either all over the place or too vague. I also feel like I keep saying the same things all over again, like “gameplay good, soundtrack nice, graphics pretty, i recommend”… Maybe I’m worrying myself too much about this?

Honestly, long reviews are also good! If you write about every aspect of a game, the reader will know exactly what makes the game good or bad and that will help them decide if the game’s worth trying out or not.


Nah, I’ve always enjoyed reading your reviews. :3 Now that I looked at it, maybe it’s because you write them kinda like I do? First paragraph a short mention of what the game’s about, then the body explain key aspects of the game and how you think of it. At the end do a conclusion and Recommend or not. :P

I just always worry that I ramble too much and randomly. I do try to keep each paragraph to one single topic(like positive and negative, or different aspect of the game) but it’s sometimes really hard to do for some games or since I don’t really plan ahead what I’m gonna write it ended up pretty messy. I also have no idea if it’s just me worrying too much. xD But at least I always had a blast writing them, especially right after finishing a game cuz impressions are still fresh and it feels amazing to dump all your thought with words.


I wouldn’t really say that you do ramble, you just talk about your own experience with the game, which isn’t exactly random nor off-topic. I don’t plan ahead either but I do go back to change the earlier bits if I feel they’re out of place.
I think we both worry too much about our reviews. We write reviews for fun and to share our thoughts and experiences with others, not for profit. Now that I’ve read several of your reviews, I didn’t notice any problems, those reviews were good and interesting to read. I think it will be fine as long as you keep it up :)


Thanks! It’s nice to know I don’t ramble. xD I’ve decided to add a tldr summary to my next batch of reviews to see if it’s good. :P


This comment was deleted about 1 year ago.


I recently played the game from which your avatar originates. Fun game. :)

The only game I’ve played mentioned in your report (other than the Talos Demo, which doesn’t count) is Unbox. I’ve enjoyed the game, but I’m really no good at it. I just can’t get the precise movement needed for some of the areas. Maybe I should try kb+m, but I don’t really know if it will help.

Looks like lots of good progress– thanks for the report!


Yep! Too bad that not many people know that those 2 games exist :/

I’m still in the first area of the game and I did feel like I couldn’t move precisely a couple times with a controller, but it never bothered me. There’s no reason to not try out kb+m, I’d say go ahead.

Sure, no problem! I’m happy with how much progress I’ve made over those 3 months :)


Wow nice progress :)

I feel the same way about Tower Unite - Once I decked out my Condo and High rise and started making hidden rooms..It was getting a bit stale. I enjoy coming back to it now for updates. I did the achievements for Fishing that released this month. Arcade is looking a lot closer now!!


Ooooh, now I’m curious about those hidden rooms! If I ever see you online, I’ll make sure to visit your condo :)

What surprises me is the dedication some people have to this game. Some people already have way over 1 million XP in some minigames. It’s impressive, but imagine how much time and grinding did it take to reach those amounts!


Haha I started making some in Highrise - issue is Highrise lags sooo much it’s pretty much what made me stop playing constantly. But hey if you want to see, I’ll log in :P I have a friend on steam I made in-game who made a random building full of Movie/TV/Anime posters, which cool, but pretty generic… with a hidden rabbit hole under a tree outside that took you through various portals and really messed with you. Would’ve taken a LONG time to make. (Using Smooth Dirt). Messed with perspective and was a real Alice in Wonderland experience.

Hmmm I can kinda see that. I mean, I played casually for a couple of months and I think I’m at nearly 700k experience in Mini golf ;)
Plaza exp/ casino exp is pretty easy to farm with a macro if you can be bothered >.> (Couple of people doing that glitched halfway out of the map!). There’s an area in Casino you can jet pack up into the roof, but you didn’t hear it from me ;)


From my own experience, setting shadows to anything higher than low causes large FPS drops in Highrise. Try setting that to low and your FPS should improve.
Wow this hole does sound interesting, I’d like to check it out sometime. When I was decorating my Highrise I put some normal furniture around so it would look pretty, but it was boring so I added weird, silly stuff to make it unique. For example, I have a bar room with a large TV, pool table, slots and arcade machines, but I also have a huge, evil cardboard cow outside staring menacingly at my penthouse, because why the hell not?

Macroing is actually not allowed. I heard about some people who got their XP reset that way. Getting that XP isn’t my top priority anyway. But now I’m curious about that glitch, I’ll try it. Thanks for telling me!


Oooh I’ll definitely try that! I have so much stuff in my Highrise, as I divided rooms to make smaller rooms so there is just so much to load in. I didn’t even get around to my basement.. But yeah mine is cool, but not on the same level of people who have all hidden rooms/mazes etc!
Here are some screenshots of mine: (Haven’t got a lot of Highrise.. I’ll have to fix that! It’s the one I have put more effort into.)
Sailor Moon themed Room in Highrise
Main Room in Condo Study in Condo

Yeah I know, I’ve come across a few people doing it. But yeah here’s a hint… its near the Wheel of Money + the door into the room next to the machines :)


Woaaah your rooms look so cool!!! I love the main room in your Condo, it looks gorgeous, has lots of stuff and feels like a proper home. My Highrise still lacks tons of stuff and feels empty at certain spots but I hope to fix that someday. Unfortunately I didn’t make any screenshots so I can’t show it to you :/
Don’t feel bad about the basement, I have absolutely no idea what to do with mine so I just made a small empty room with a wall that says “no easter eggs here, go away” while the rest of the basement stays empty :/ I’ll have to visit other people’s houses for inspiration.

I’ll keep the hint in mind, thanks!


Oh wow, this is a long post. Let’s see what I would like to add:

SteamWorld Dig: I heard a lot of good things about it. I do suck at platformers though. Did you find it difficult?

Beat Cop does sound interesting, but I’m even more intrigued by your comment about 80’s cop shows. I’m looking to expand my horizon a bit towards older TV shows (not movies), do you have any recommendations? I’ve heard of Hill Street Blues, but never watched it.

Aviary Attorney was a really nice game, I pretty much concur with everything you say, would have wished for a tad longer cases myself, too.

At certain times it felt like a goddamn cooking game had better writing than some visual novels.

I loled. Very well written review by the way.

Mafia: Same here, some of my (actual RL!) friends enjoyed it a lot. Never came around to playing it, I have the second one in my backlog though, which means I’m probably going to buy the first part at some point.

I hope you’ll enjoy your web projects, looking forward to you next update!


SteamWorld Dig isn’t that difficult, penalties for dying are quite harsh but there are upgrades to help you survive longer and you can always return to the surface to heal up for a small fee.

Unfortunately I don’t think I can help you much about older shows, I only watched shows that were broadcasted on public TV in Poland. Most of those are in Polish. From the English shows, I can absolutely recommend MacGyver, it’s about an agent who can create contraptions with duct tape and random, seemingly useless stuff within reach of hand. He can make something out of nothing.

Now that I tried a bit of Mafia, I like it so far, but I dislike the voice acting (the English dub sounds emotionless, meanwhile the original, Czech dub sounds a huge lot better, this wouldn’t be an issue if it was possible to only change voice language to Czech, keeping English subtitles). Modding took me a while, it was quite hard to get the game working properly. Restoring licensed music is a must for this game. I want to try Mafia II as well but I don’t have it yet, III not so much, I heard many bad things about it.

I will, thanks! I want to go back to writing regular monthly posts and posting them on time.


Thanks for the reply and for the heads up about Mafia! Sounds unfortunate, most of the time the Steam versions of older games work quite well for me, but I guess that can’t be true for every game… I hope you’ll enjoy the game regardless.

MacGuyver, I totally forgot about that show, it’s a huge meme, but I never really watched an episode :)


Cool update! I enjoyed reading your thoughts & experiences with each game. While I was reading them, I was feeling like “ Now I want to try/play that”

Also geez, I had no clue CSD2 is that intense 😳Guess I had a misconception about it, thinking it seemed like a “long, but easy” cooking & management game. Heh. Congrats on finally 100%! Any game that took many hours and hard work to complete is definitely an accomplishment

Good job with the achievements & backlog progress 👍🏻


Thanks for checking out my post!

Yeah, CSD2 is intense. The Steam store page doesn’t call it “the most intense restaurant sim ever made” for nothing! There are ways to tone down the extremity, though.