Started to organize and sort my games, so I can decide how to approach my backlog. Also reading others to choose a method.


Welcome! Assuming you’re new that is. If not ignore me. :P
There’s some events that can help you with your backlog killing such as the monthly theme(on the top. It’s about to end so perhaps you can join next month’s), and also the challenge me. There’s also an ABC plan that can help out on deciding what to play. :3/


Hey hey!
(In case you are new: Welcome aboard and happy backlog killing!)
Organizing and sorting is always a good start. It helps figuring out what exactly is already waiting for you - I really think about Genre sorting too, but that get’s a bit… too confusing thanks to games never being only one genre o.o
As to HOW to do this: There are sooooooooooooooo many ways! Like making batches, taking the abc challenge, letting ppl pick things for you (challenge me) and the monthly. You can always also go by oldest to newest or let a random thingy pick a random game for you. And so on, and so on ;)
Hope you find a way that works for you to win this constant battle! :)

Have a great time and lots of fun!


Welcome fellow assassin! May the mercy you have on your backlog be ruthless and entirely nonexistent! :)
My only recommendation is to make time for the good games. I’ve got a “short list” of those I’m looking forward to here, and it makes it much easier to choose what to play next.

Blue Ϟ Lightning

welcome \o/

all I have to say is creating a plan and working on it can be fulfilling and satisfying but make sure its still fun :3
dont let playing become a chore \o/


If all else fails, play your games in the order you got them. That way, you don’t end up making excuses not to play certain games or anything.

Lucky Thirteen

Hey, welcome to BLAEO :)


Thank you!! thanks for all the suggestions, this seems to be a very nice community.
I’ll probably throw a bunch of my backlog at won’t play since most of them are trash, and focus on medium/good games so I can finish a pack every month. To finish the organinzation of everything properly will take some time, but it’s worth it. I will not allow this to become a chore.
Thank you community.