June’s Stats

aka. A Fragile Balance

Pretty unproductive month in the backlog fight, mostly because I played WAY too many demos (and I’m really looking forward to Grounded later this month) and games I’ve already finished (Terraria, I’m looking at you). At least I managed to keep the additions tamed (but the sales are not over so who knows what next month report will look like) too so the balance is neutral. I can’t believe we’re already midway through 2020 (even though it already feels like an eternity of crappy things happening). For now I don’t have much plans for the summer with the current situation so maybe I’ll get some gaming done. To see if any progress is made with the backlog is another story. I hope you all have a wonderful July!

Played Finished Completed Backlog+ Achievements
7 3 2 3 85

Backlog of Doom

ABC Challenge 2.0 Progress (2/27)

Finished this month: 0

89% never played
4% unfinished
4% beaten
4% completed

Most Satisfying Finish

Most Exciting Addition

  • Gems of War

    109 hours playtime

    68 of 77 achievements

  • My Jigsaw Adventures - A Lost Story

    10 hours playtime

    32 of 32 achievements

  • Terraria

    726 hours playtime

    79 of 89 achievements

  • Summer in Mara

    29 hours playtime

    51 of 53 achievements

  • DemonCrawl

    146 hours playtime

    60 of 121 achievements

  • Feather

    19 minutes playtime

    1 of 1 achievements

  • Iris and the giant

    6 hours playtime

    5 of 16 achievements

My Jigsaw Adventures - A Lost Story

10 hours playtime, 32 of 32 achievements

Simply a jigsaw game but a pretty good one. Beautiful original art, lots of options... one of the best of the genre I've tried.

Summer in Mara

29 hours playtime, 51 of 53 achievements

A nice crafting/exploring/farming game. It reminded me a bit of My Time in Portia but with a better story and exploration experience, while having a less complex crafting system (in the sense of crafting is instant so it's less planning). The game is not perfect, but the devs seem to be working on fixing and improving it. They already released a great quality of life patch but weirdly it also added some annoying small glitches that were not present in the pre-release version. Hopefully they'll take care of that soon. I loved the wholesome story, cast of NPCs and feeling overall, as well as the design. I'll recommend it but maybe wait at least for the next patch to play it for those annoying glitches to get fixed.


20 minutes playtime, 1 of 1 achievement

A bird simulator where you can fly around on an island... It was nice but there is no real objective or goal and once you've explored you're pretty much done. In the same style, I preferred playing Copoka or AER, but it's a nice short experience.

  • Party Hard 2

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 41 achievements

  • Summer in Mara

    29 hours playtime

    51 of 53 achievements

  • Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 98 achievements

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Never heard of Summer in Mara but after going a quick search on steam it was immediately added to my list, thank ya~


You’re welcome. It’s really cute and relaxing even though it’s not perfect. I just hope they patch those few glitches the last update added but they seem to be working on it.


I hope that when you say you’ll get some playing done, you keep including Terraria in the list, because I’m counting on you :p

I can’t wait to play Summer in Mara, because it looks like the cutest thing ever!


OF COURSE. That goes without saying. :3

I think you’d enjoy it, it’s overloaded with cute stuff.


I’m glad you enjoyed Summer in Mara. Your review makes me want to buy it even more haha.


It was a really nice game, like i said though, wait for a patch that fixes the little glitches the last patch added cuz it’s a bit annoying.


I already talked with a friend about Summer in Mara. She was totally hyped but I was suspicious because of bugs and gliches. Thanks for your review and covering both of that! It’s on my wishlist now, I’m hyped now too but will wait a bit longer :)


I think it’s the wiser way to go about it. It’s a very enjoyable game but the little bugs are annoying so might as well wait that they fix it. ;)