Update 75: November 8th to 18th

Damn this past 10 days were not good for my backlog. American Truck Simulator brought out a new DLC and I went down the rabbit hole,

Half-Life 2

Trine 2

12.5 hours
24 of 97 achievements

Did it in single player which was pretty tough. You can really feel that this game was meant to be played in coop. Overall I liked the game a lot. Hopefully it will be even better when played with a friend.

The end bosses weren't that hard once you understand the mechanics. Found some of the puzzles a lot harder, but most likely only because I was playing alone.

American Truck Simulator - Colorado

American Truck Simulator - Colorado

40.4 hours
7 of 7 achievements

I love ATS, so when the DLC came out I had to play it at once. And then I went down the rabbit hole that is ATS for me. I played it non stop for several days. I liked it as always, but some of the achievements really annoyed me, since it was not really stated clearly what they wanted to be done. And with deliveries of 30min+ it is not nice to have to redo them several times because you delivered to a place that did not count. Otherwise it is beautifula s always.

Overall Backlog Progress:0,1% change to last times unfinished/never played games (69,5% unplayed games)

15.05% (152/1010)
13.17% (133/1010)
4.85% (49/1010)
64.65% (653/1010)
2.28% (23/1010)
Overall SG Wins Progress:+0,87% change to last times unfinished/never played games (44,32% unplayed games)

31.87% (87/273)
22.34% (61/273)
1.10% (3/273)
43.22% (118/273)
1.47% (4/273)
Here are the games I'm currently working on. Reviews will follow once I'm done with the games:
I've won 6 games since the last update. And I've beaten 1 games, so that makes a total of +5 for that timeframe and a +5 for November so far.

SG wins:

Games I want to play within the next few weeks:

BLAEO Monthly: nothing atm, waiting for the new theme

PoP: thanks to TFrostPG & emymer for challenging me


Just for fun:
🐁 MouseWithBeer 🐁

flashbacks to streaming ATS for 9 hours nonstop


what is this game doing to us


It’s making us love the game and hate ourselfs XD


seriously you did that, that game must be addicting because I’m clearly not seeing it just by the pictures


You can really feel that this game was meant to be played in coop.

Huh…it’s been a while since I played Trine 2, but while I also played it solo, I don’t remember ever thinking that it was supposed to be played in co-op. Honestly, I kinda forgot the game was multiplayer in the first place.


Well if you are just going for playing through the game it is fine solo. But if you are trying to get all those bottles and stuff some are just not really reachable unless you have two people to do it, or at least that was my impression and I talked to friends that have played the game before and they said the same thing or to quote mouse: “that game is about 345344x easier in coop”


oh I watched some videos of the start, definitely looked like coop was the way to go. When the games sell it in packs of 3 or more you know you need some friends


Trine 2 used to be a game I really enjoyed but I ruined it for myself by going after 100% achievement completion. I didn’t have a coop partner so doing all missions on hardest difficulty on hardcore was something…. DLC was way worse than base game too. It surely had the toughest chapters and doing them alone in such a difficult game mode completely ruined a game I otherwise enjoyed immensely even though I played it solo. Certain things are definitely much easier in coop for sure again especially in DLC.

It can be quite entertaining though with friends and free-for-all settings. 3 Amadeus playing all at the same time and you not knowing which Amadeus you are controlling can lead to some pretty silly and chaotic fun :)