Operation: Console Backlog

I’ve been absent for probably more than 2 months from here, not much backlog reducing done. WoW Legion and Overwatch has taken my time, most of my time when I’m not working actually. But something changed. You can say it was switched.

With the recent reveal of Nintendo Switch I was reminded that my backlog for consoles is big. Not a couple of games big, but I mean big. Suddenly my steam backlog felt nonexistent. Why you may ask? well.. my steam games doesn’t take up a whole lot of physical space!

And that’s when I was reminded by something else I’ve told myself. Before I buy a new console I have to reduce my backlog by a great amount or else I’ll just keep making it grow. I don’t own a Xbox One or PlayStation 4 and as it is now I really want Nintendo Switch. But I can’t buy any new console, I’ll have to earn it, by reducing my backlog. Only then will I be satisfied.

So if you are interested in following my mission to combat my console backlog I will post my progress here weekly whenever I can (with screenshots!..I have a capture card)

Now here’s my backlog! This backlog does not include my PS2 or most of my GC games (only Metroid Prime series so I can complete corruption on Wii)


Fullsize if you want a closer look on titles


You make me wanna take care of my 360 remaining backlog… Which is probably as bad as yours… Good luck with yours, seems like you have quite a thing to tackle.

PS: I wish we could add console backlog (or at least the ones with a gamertag/cheevos) on here, that would motivate and help me to keep track so much more!


Achievement/Trophy tracking would be cool to have, but I dropped achievement hunting a few years ago as I have a lot of games. Spending that amount of time hunting when I can start a new game instead after finishing a story made more sense to me. But I did hunt and be a really frequent visitor to Trueachievements during my first couple of years having the Xbox 360.

You should start working on it! :) It felt good playing on console again after not doing that since almost a year ago.


I use to use the backloggery website before i was on BLAEO but i haven’t maintained it up to date since i’m here and this website is so much more practical with everything than the backloggery, but sadly it doesn’t work also for consoles (but i understand it might be such a huge amount of things to implement for mandrill so that would be a pain).

I acquire a lot of backlog for the 360 when I wasn’t really playing it anymore but my gold subscription was still running so i kept redeeming the free games each month.


Wow this will take you a while :D Lots of cool game tho! :) You won’t waste your time :) I’ll check your update ;) You plan on playing every games ? Or a decent amout will be enough for you to buy the Switch?


It certainly will. I will try to play every game, but I will try to avoid the long RPG’s for as long as I can xD


I was going to make a post like this as well this week :D Fortunately, my console backlog not quite as bad (and there’s a little bit of overlap with Steam/Xbox360), but yeah … amazon just had some kind of sale on Nintendo stuff, and I bought more XD


Stupid sales are the reason my backlog are like this, and ebay, mostly ebay. Holiday sales coming in december, hope I can NOT buy more xD


I never had a console in any form, so I’m very interested how your progress will go. That are a lot of games, my eyes spot couple of my favorite games I wish you luck and post regularly to keep me up to date xD


Thanks, and I sure will try! :D

Arbiter Libera

I hear you. My backlog is also formidable, but it’s mostly really old games I never finished when I was younger or I skipped them together.

Good luck.


Old games can be fun also!


I’ve got my PS2, which I bought a few years ago with 13 games. 2 of them are completed. 2 of them I have on Steam plus the completed Bully, which I’ve got on Steam. One of them is on a physical copy. And the other 8 are still mostly untouched, except for NFS: MW, which I actually bought myself, same with Bully and Lego Indiana Jones. The other games I’ve not completed.


I have PS2 games aswell, but if I add my WHOLE backlog I will have to play A LOT :P. But the system has many great games.


That’s a good idea to motivate yourself by ‘earning’ the new console, I have something similar going on myself too. :) Good luck with your goal! I’m sure you’ll enjoy many of those games.


Yeah I’ts better that way :). And sure I will, I have Super Mario Galaxy 1+2, Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, Metroid Prime series and Uncharted, Heavy Rain and many other great games to play!