ABC Challenge - Killing in Order is the Gimmick

Let’s go for another challenge that can help me kill the Backlog. If you’re interested about the challenge, you can read everything about it > HERE < !

Personal Rules

  • I can play other games at the same times.
  • Games have to be played in alphabetical order.
  • If I dislike a game or find one broken, I’ll switch to another one from the same letter.
  • To track my progress, I may switch a game without achievement to a game with achievement would I find one appealing with the same letter.
  • If there is an empty letter (stares at Z), I can leave it empty and fill it if I happen to have a game fitting the letter.
  • No time limit, but I’ll try to kick one letter per month. I’m not in a hurry :) !

Games List

Do you participate to the ABC challenge ? Do you find that sort of challenge interesting ? Are you challenging yourself in a different way ? If yes, what is your personal challenge plan if you’re ok to share it with us ?


Oh I started up my own abc challenge for non-achievements and another for achievement games. After buying umineko I managed to get 1 extra game for each list with u. I’ve already completed 2 games for my non-achievement and Blue lightning just challenged me to 2 more for which I have almost done 1 already (hatoful boyfriend). I think the abc challenge is a great thing to have if you can’t figure out something to play. With so many games it can be hard to decide what to play so with this challenge you can just quickly check which ones you decided on and go for one of them. In fact talking about more I think I might add to it at least my K bit cheeky but my k game shows up as an I so I can use that and put my other k down


What is that mysterious K game showing as an I :o ?


kelvin and the infamous machine but if you look at it’s picture it just shows up as infamous machine. frankly i decided to swap it a bit cheating but at the same time by doing this i’m just making my self have more work so i don’t see the trouble especially when i’ve seen people put games for x that doesn’t start with it. If I get an I before I finish my list I’ll put it back


To me it fits as both, so you’re not cheating and since you make your own rule, it’s 1000% ok :)


A through E looks like a great start already! I’ve played 4 out of the 5 and would recommend all of them. And there are some other really nice ones too– sounds like you’re in for a treat!

As for your question, I’ve never done an ABC challenge or any other (game-related) challenge type thing, other than participating in some monthly themes. I guess my only “challenges” are to play my SG wins (except those I won when I was new and now regret winning for one reason or another), try to get a good completion percentage, and only add a game to my library if I’m quite sure I want to play it and will enjoy it. Oh, and I guess to make gradual progress on my itching to play list.


Yup, I chose nice games as the games I own (beside a few I got for free and part of my SG early win) are the game I want to play. Killing the backlog while having fun is the way it should be. I’m not really ok with the idea to play stuff I dislike.


I would advise to wait on Mirt! That’s not the complete the game, it does not have an ending, the third chapter (on a new engine) is supposed to come out in September (in Russian).


Thanks for the head up ! It might take some time to get to the letter M (since I’m doing that in alphabetical order) so I’ll check once there if the story has been finished, if not I’ll switch for another M, it’s not like I lack of those :) !

{distant} May

Awh, If My Heart Had Wings. It’s common knowledge that the localization of it, while it looks good on the surface, is kind of an abomination - it features inaccurate translation and blatant censorship. If you really want to read it (which I wouldn’t discourage, it does look interesting), I suggest you read up on it here. That being said, have fun completing the challenge :)


It cannot be as horrible as the French localisation of Final Fantasy VII.. Or Hokuto no Ken.

To give you an idea of how the later was ill translated, “Hokuto” sounds like “haut couteau” (“high knife”) in French, so every time the characters would speak of the “Hokuto” martial art, they would make a “couteau” pun. Like “Je vais te tuer avec la technique du haut couteau de cuisine” (“I will kill you with the high kitchen knife skill”).
Listening to that voice acting is suffering and laughing at the same time.


if my heart had wings was made for 12 year old french girls so watch out for the french they are here to mess up all the sentences. It actually confused me why people kept saying that until I finally found out that is literally what moenovel said their target audience is. I would suggest you do a patch, i don’t think you need to add the adult patch in to make the script one work especially since even with the patch down ageha is messed up with its translation. Moenovel broke her translation to the point where i didn’t even read it the 1st time and only read it when i tried the 2nd time round.

I really wanna play it now but if I play that I’m going to want to play flight diary but nah i’m not touching that until people fix it


Alright, I’m three times the ages of the people it was made for, but I’m the right gender and the right nationality. Maybe I’ll have the feeling to read my own English before I learned to English a bit x) ?

Now I understand better what Amitte wanted to say by reading it on vndb, it’s interesting to see that you can actually patch the game.

Patch in progress, thanks for your help guys :) !


yeah fans had to make this patch, moenovel apparently does a terrible translation for all their games while the fans have to work to create fixes including 18+ content for everyone which by this point with it being allowed it wouldn’t hurt them to do it themselves and just charge more


Maybe they use something like google translation and don’t want to pay translators ? After all, if fan do it, it cost them nothing ?

{distant} May

To be honest, it’s complicated. I wouldn’t know the in-and-out of every company in detail; it’s different in every case. Some companies pay people who are well-recognized as freelance translators, some get licenses for titles with TBA fan patches and proceed to employ the people working on those (allowing them to go “legal”, in turn), some companies don’t have the choice of picking who works on their games (aka the company who made the game they got the license to translate or some other middleman randomly picks out translators) and some just don’t care and make a quick buck on using machine translation (those are the worst, obviously).

{distant} May

Language puns are interesting. That being said, I’m glad you patched your game ^^ Have fun reading!


Thank you :) !


I see some interesting games in there. Journey Down is one of my favourite series’s. I really enjoyed AER as well but know some people found it boring.

I have an ABC challenge I started at the beginning of the year. It’s mostly SG wins + games from my wishlist I’ve obtained + abandoned (but good) games. I’d like to get it finished by the end of the year, but there are a few really long ones in there since I didn’t have anything else (e.g. Just Cause 3) so I doubt it’ll happen. I’m not doing it any particular order, but I’m trying for two a month. The only letter I’m missing is X.


I like exploration games so AER should be a treat for me, at least I hope, and if not I’ll just switch for another.

If you don’t manage to finish the challenge before the end of the year, it’s ok, there is always another year coming. That’s why some of the games I have are in the “slow burn” category, those are games either long to finish or games where you need a break after a few hours. It doesn’t make them bad, they are just long and I believe you shouldn’t give a time limit for those and just play when you can enjoy them the best :) !


Never did an ABC challenge for backlog games. I don’t have enough for all the letters in the alphabet. XD

I did try the ABC screenshot challenge, but eventually abandoned it. I was a screenshot addict. Lately, however, I just don’t feel like taking screenshots (hence, the “was” in the previous sentence).


ABC screenshot seems to be a good one too :) !


At this stage, I’m working through games I’ve started but for whatever reason, never got around to beating. This’ll take a while, but once done, I probably will do an ABC challenge. Is there a time limit? I mean, that’s 26 games - would probably take me a few months at least!


The > original post < explains that there aren’t any rule set in stone as it’s your backlog so you do you, but I’ll quote the part that may interest you :)


There aren’t any rules other than those you impose on yourself.
At the end of the day this is your plan.
That being said a few of the popular rules people have imposed on themselves are:

  • They can play other games at the same time-from wins or challenges
  • Games have to be played in order alphabetically
  • In the event of disliking a game/finding it broken it may be switched out with a game of the same letter
  • Hope to finish this list by the end of the year.

Great, thanks for that!