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If you're looking for the current Challenge Me! event, look no further: Challenge Me! Monthly Edition (Dec-Jan) (Jan-Feb) (Feb-Mar)
Also, there's an ongoing challenge for everyone: ABC Challenge

January and February's Theme: Team Assassin!

Murder is more fun if you have a friend :3
This month we are trying something new.
You're going pair up with a partner to attack a game together in true assassin style.
In light of the duo aspect there are two hosts \o/ (Blue Ϟ Lightning and Ninglor03)
and the event lasts till the end of February!

To participate all you have to do is head on over to the sign up thread and try to find your lucky new friend.
Not convinced?
Imagine this, you're dying again and again trying to beat a boss. Maybe your partner has some trick they used to beat it!
Or maybe its a story based game and you just reached a really sad point and just want someone to talk to >_<
I bet your partner is in the same boat!

Guidelines for signing up.

This is the general flow

  • Step one: look over any previous applications. If anyone doesn't have a partner yet and has something you want to play LATCH ON AND DON'T LET GO!
  • Step two…by proceeding to this step you haven’t found any applications yet but that's okay! - simply make your own including up to 5 games you would like to play or any genres you like. Any genre is fine and you are open to put any specifications or concerns you have there.
  • Step Three add your partner in crime on steam if you like and play whichever game you picked at a similar pace. The idea is having someone else playing it will motivate you to do so as well you don’t have to actually be playing it at the same time.
  • Step four (optional step) talk to each other about what you thought about the game \o/ you can even write a shared review \o/ (not required)


Do I have to participate in this month’s theme?
No, as with every theme, these are merely suggestions for anyone who is unsure about what to play next. If you already have a battle plan for your backlog and/or don’t like this month’s theme, you’re free to ignore it.

What happens if I don’t participate in the monthly theme?

Can I pick my partner?
Its not against the rules - simply put in your application that you would like to play with them but if they don't respond within 24 hours then just like the challenge me your application goes up for anyone and everyone.

Do I have to provide 5 games I would like to play?
They don't have to be games but ideally yes, you want to provide enough that you'll like whatever you play with someone.

Is this a multiplayer thing?
No, You just have to play the same game it doesn't have to be multiplayer.

I have played a game with one partner, can I go again?
Go ahead - the goal of this theme is to play around with someone while you play your games. And it definitely runs long enough to have multiple tries

Can I have multiple partners?
Ideally not at the same time! But if you think you can handle it and someone's application hasn't gotten a bite in at least 24 hours feel free to jump on.

If I can't find a partner will someone be chosen for me?
If two people have applications similar enough your lovely hosts will attempt to pair you. If no one is found within enough time we will pair ourselves with you :3

I'm shy do I have to add my partner on steam?
*nod* yes its important that you have a way of talking to them about the game you chose.

Blue Ϟ Lightning

If you have any questions or concerns please reply to this comment


Will you listen to the ABZÛ soundtrack together with someone else?

Blue Ϟ Lightning

Questions or concerns regarding the monthly theme.

and yes listening to it with someone sounds fine

Made my evening. :D


Quick question: We need to play at a similar pace but not necessary at the same exact time right? (I mean by that the exact same time of the day). I’m just asking because some stuff on the other post got me confused about it and since my schedule is a bit hectic at times, I might need to remove my application comment if we need to be online at the exact same time everytime we play, I don’t wanna hold anybody back. Thanks in advance :3

Blue Ϟ Lightning

of course not
you just have to both play it within enough time that you both have it fresh in your mind enough to ask each other stuff about it.
you also have 2 months and theres nothing stopping you from playing other things at the same time.

Lucky Thirteen

Soo how do we go about updating our progress in this theme? Like, letting you and Nin know we finished something/picked a new game to play and stuff?

Blue Ϟ Lightning

You can just mention progress in the thread and one of us will see it…we were thinking of checking in partway through if nothings happening but I mean we are looking over the main post constantly so any update should reach us…hopefully…

Poking either of us on steam also works (although keep in mind only nin can edit the list on the sign up thread)

Lucky Thirteen

Alright, sounds simple enough. Thanks :)


This is really interesting! Very different.

I’m a very solitary person when it comes to games, so I don’t know if I’ll participate. Maybe think on it for a week or so.

Blue Ϟ Lightning

I don’t much like multiplayer games preferring singleplayer (and okay I guess couch co-op type stuff with friends)

But when playing through avalanch 2 LastM did so as well and it was fun checking in a commenting on what we liked/disliked
and then the I started playing shadow tactics at the same time as him. I mean I fell wayyyy behind as I’m only around halfway through while hes completly beaten it but it was fun asking for help getting past sections and stuff.

Seeing as how you read lots of VN theres always Giselle…you could find a longer one like me and nin have done

Lucky Thirteen

But, but… Both Agent 47 and Garrett work alone, and Garret isn’t even an assassin! … Just a bit of nitpicking, couldn’t resist :D Good idea for the theme, I’m sure people will enjoy it (not participating myself though, as I only play singleplayer games, plus an occasional endless MMO) :)


It’s not about playing together, but rather playing the same single player game as someone else, so you both can talk a about/help each other/motivate each other/ etc, if I understood correctly. xD
Sorry if I understood you wrong, but you made it sound like it is about multiplayer/coop when it’s not. :)

Lucky Thirteen

Ah, yes I did think it’s about playing co-op. Turns out you are right and now that that’s clear, I might participate myself :D

Blue Ϟ Lightning

what lastM said!-
I only really play single player games :3


This comment was deleted over 6 years ago.


This comment was deleted over 6 years ago.


Awesome you want to participate, but… can I direct you to the thread for sign up? Maybe you’ll find somebody who wants to play the same? :)

:) <3!!

whoops I’m sorry. I was on the wrong page


Ah, no problem :)


I’m loving this theme so far! I hope it gets brought back in the future, since it’s really good motivation!

Blue Ϟ Lightning

glad you like it \o/
I finally managed to start root double after having it for a year

I’m not sure about it being brough back but it does run for two months so feel free to find as many partners as possible. :3 you have plenty of time.
Its not like you have to stick with one for the whole time as long as you manage to finish whatever games you start!
also I agree shackling yourself to someone is a great way to gain motivation cause you don’t want to let them down :3

Blue Ϟ Lightning

just gotta say you’ve taken this and ran with it
wew the amount of partners you found!

This post is going be remade soon for the start of the new month in hopes of gathering more interest for the second month :3


I’m definitely having a lot of fun with it :)