May: Emerald

This month’s theme is inspired by emerald - the birthstone for May.
You can participate by playing games with a prominent emerald/green colour in their display picture.
You can also go green environmentally and play games with a Nature tag.

To participate, reply to this post and tell us which games that fit the monthly theme you’re going to play.

Some examples of games that qualify based on the the colours in their display picture:

You can use the following (or similar) format to make it easier for me to keep track of everyone’s progress, but feel free to add any extra thoughts about the game(s) to your post!

Name | Achievements obtained | Playtime | Status
:-: | :-: | :-: | :-: | :-: 
name of game 1 | achievements obtained | playtime this month | unfinished/finished
name of game 2 | achievements obtained | playtime this month | unfinished/finished
name of game 3 | achievements obtained | playtime this month | unfinished/finished
TOTAL: | achievements obtained | playtime this month | Number of games finished

Have fun!

Theme song


Do I have to participate in this month’s theme?
No, as with every theme, these are merely suggestions for anyone who is unsure about what to play next. If you already have a battle plan for your backlog and/or don’t like this month’s theme, you’re free to ignore it.

What happens if I don’t participate in the monthly theme?

What happens if I play all of my unfinished games this month?
Your backlog will be a much smaller place.

I don’t have any unfinished games!
Really? well that makes one of us… I salute you.

I already finished my entry can I play another?
Go ahead - the goal is to reduce your unfinished games list. The more you can play the better.

Name Achievements obtained Playtime Status Theme
Forgotten Fields 12/17 2.2 h beaten Nature tag
Morphopolis 13/13 1.2 h completed Nature tag
TOTAL: 25/30 3.4 h 2 games beaten  



Reserved? This is kinda green-ish maybe perhaps possibly?

Name Achievements obtained (-previous) Playtime total (-previous) Status
Toukiden 2 10/50 (-10) 12h (-12h) Unfinished
TOTAL: 0 0h Beaten games: 0

Nevermind I guess, got too distracted by other games this month.

Tempête Joachim
Name Achievements obtained Playtime Status
Clouzy! 9/19 2.8h Unfinished
Downfall - A Slay the Spire Fan Expansion - 20.6h Beaten
Haven Park 19/19 4.2h Completed
Mutazione 20/20 5.6h Completed
TOTAL: 48/58 33.2h 3/4



I guess I’ll keep playing Deep Rock Galactic with friends to fit this theme :P


Are we going to see the wizard?! :spacecat:

Name Achievements obtained Playtime Status
Curious Expedition 17/63 8h beaten
TOTAL: 17 8h 1

It has been some time since I last participated… found some fitting games, so here I go. :)

Name Category Achievements obtained Playtime Status
Tiny Tales: Heart of the Forest Green color 20 / 20 3.2h Completed
TOTAL:   20 3.2h 1
Name Achievements obtained Playtime Theme
Carcassonne - Tiles & Tactics   0.6 Green
Samorost 1   0.1 Tag
name of game 3 achievements obtained playtime this month unfinished/finished
TOTAL:   0.7 1G 1T
Name Subcategory Achievements obtained Playtime Status
The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker Green 20/35 7.9h finished
Shelter 2 Green 3/26 3.3h finished
TOTAL:   23 11.2h 2
Name Achievements obtained Playtime Status Category Thoughts
Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches no achievements 5h (6h total) completed Green Time to finish this SG-Win.
Instant Farmer 8/8 (6 previous) 1h (2h total) completed Nature -
TOTAL: 8/8 (6 previous) 6h Number of games finished: 2 - -
Name Status
Chocolate makes you happy 4 beaten
Overcast: Walden and the werewolf not installed, dropped somewhere around second chapter last time
Name Achievements obtained Category Playtime this month Status
Queen’s Quest: Tower of Darkness 22/22 Green pic 4h47m completed
ARIDA: Backland’s Awakening 26/26 (was 22/26) Nature 3h31m completed
Carto 20/20 Nature 12h14m completed
FAR: Lone Sails 12/14 Nature 7h52m beaten
PhotoWorld 32/32* Nature 1h27m completed
Night Mysteries: The Amphora Prisoner no achievements Green pic 3h42m completed
Total 58/60   33h33m 5 completed, 1 beaten

* Steam limited