January theme - list of games

The monthly theme includes games that we most enjoyed playing in 2022. It doesn’t matter what the game’s release year is - what matters is that you played it in 2022 and enjoyed it so much that you would like to see other assassins experience it too. You can nominate up to 10 games. Feel free to also tell us why you liked these particular games, I’m sure a lot of us would love to hear why these games were special to you.

I would really really really appreciate it if you could include a “clean” list of games somewhere in your post. Please use this format to make skanda’s life easier. :)

* [Name of game 1](Steam store page link)
* [Name of game 2](Steam store page link)
* [Name of game 3](Steam store page link)

The list also includes the winners of the BLAEO Game Awards 2022.



  • AI: The Somnium Files

    Same director/writer as the Zero Escape series, with similar vibes. While I prefer the escape room gameplay of the aforementioned series, AI was still pretty enjoyable, with a decent story and some memorable characters (and puns, lots of puns)

  • Beacon Pines

    Truly a hidden gem. If you have Game Pass go check it out. Cute, funny, with a surprisingly decent story told using some clever mechanics.

  • Citizen Sleeper

    “Choices matter” the game. It’s a true textual RPG with lots of choices and possible story paths, and a chance system that leaves you some agency about which actions to take each day in the world. Also on Game Pass!

  • Infernax

    Another hidden gem that I tried thanks to it being on Game Pass, a metroidvania that while giving homage to the old-school still has a soul of its own

  • Inscryption

    Gameplay-wise the finest game from Daniel Mullins yet, if you’ve appreciated The Hex or Pony Island you probably know to expect weird

  • Judgment and Lost Judgment

    If you’re a fan of the Yakuza series you probably don’t need this recommendation anyway, but this is Ryu Ga Gotoku at its finest.

  • Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

    The best game where you catch and train monsters that I’ve tried this year. ‘nuff said.

  • Rogue Genesia

    Among the Vampire Survivors “clones” it’s the one I’ve enjoyed the most, with tons of challenges that really spice up runs.

  • YOU and ME and HER: A Love Story

    If you’re a fan of VNs with “meta” stories à la Doki Doki Literature Club it’s worth checking out, although be warned that it has some sexual themes

* [AI: The Somnium Files](
* [Beacon Pines](
* [Citizen Sleeper](
* [Infernax](
* [Inscryption](
* [Judgment](
* [Lost Judgment](
* [Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin](
* [Rogue Genesia](
* [YOU and ME and HER: A Love Story](




I don’t have a ps5


I haven’t played many games in 2022, so I can recommend almost all of them:

Honorable mentions (that don’t count for the theme): Odyssey - The Invention of Science, Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened (2008), Her Story.

Skanda clearance required:

* [Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders](
* [Cinders](
* [Tell Me Why](
* [Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York](
* [Carto](
* [FAR: Lone Sails](
* [Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link](
* [Lake](
* [Draugen](

skanda clearance granted


Hey, you finished Missing Link! Yay! (I still remember your posts on my mini BLAEO review of it!) :)


Oh wow, good memory! I have to admit, I had to look it up, but it was fun to re-read. Looks like I clocked in at 35 hours, just about the same as you, lol. It was so much fun and as you can see I did get that Factory Zero fun after my first playthrough.


Here are I am with games that I have enjoyed very much this past year. You will find review for most of them in my reports or on my Steam page. ;)
Happy New Year and good hunting!

* [Shadow Tactics: Aiko's Choice](
* [NAIRI: Tower of Shirin](
* [The Last Campfire](
* [Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™](
* [Mad Max](
* [Spellcaster University](
* [Yono and the Celestial Elephants](
* [LEGO® The Lord of the Rings™](
* [Sherlock Holmes and The Hound of The Baskervilles](
* [Godhood](

Happy new year to you too!

  • Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun - Aiko’s Choice
    Cool kind of strategy game. Its a spin-off of the game Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. Has a really nice story and characters are really funny. Currently still playing, almost through the story and then some achievement completion missing.
  • Human: Fall Flat
    A really cool MP/Coop game. A lot of fun playing in smaller teams. We laugh alot.
  • Candle
    Pretty small side-scrolling adventure game.
  • Rescue Party: Live!
    Also a really funny Coop game, similar maybe to Overcooked. Goal is to rescue NPCs, either by healing them or bringing them to a safe spot.
  • Omno
    Also very pretty. Enjoyed it much
  • Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy
    If you are into Marvel then this might be something for you. In the style of hack-and-slash third person games
  • Fallout: New Vegas
    I guess everybody knows the franchise. Its a bit older but still really cool. Takes a bit of effort to get this running smooth on new Windows versions.
* [Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun - Aiko's Choice](
* [Human: Fall Flat](
* [Candle](
* [Rescue Party: Live!](
* [Omno](
* [Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy](
* [Fallout: New Vegas](

Added, thank you!

Tempête Joachim

BioShock Infinite
Chicory: A Colorful Tale
Dialtown: Phone Dating Sim
Evan’s Remains
Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance
RB: Axolotl
Supraland Six Inches Under
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands
There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension

[BioShock Infinite](
[Chicory: A Colorful Tale](
[Dialtown: Phone Dating Sim](
[Evan's Remains](
[Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance](
[RB: Axolotl](
[Supraland Six Inches Under](
[Tiny Tina's Wonderlands](
[There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension](

Thanks, added!


Happy New Year to everyone :)

* [A Plague Tale: Innocence](
* [Dust: An Elysian Tail](
* [Helheim Hassle](
* [Nanotale - Typing Chronicles](
* [Ori and the Will of the Wisps](
* [Path of Giants](
* [Spiritfarer®: Farewell Edition](
* [The Room 4: Old Sins](
* [Timelie](
* [Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion](

Ori. <3 (I actually wanted to name my new(ish) dog that, but in the end the name just didn’t seem to fit him enough.)


Glad to see that you have enjoyed Dust! :D
Have fun with The Last Campfire. ;)


Totally loved The Last Campfire, thanks for suggesting it =)


Yay! So happy to hear that. :3


Happy New Year!

  • Road 96 - Fun game with storytelling elements and branching paths but still feels like an indie game with heart put into it. Gives me Life Is Strange vibes.
  • Spiritfarer - Great management game with emotional story beats and interesting quirky characters. The artstyle, gameplay, story, and worldbuilding is wonderful.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy - Just pure fun. So much dialogue, character growth, and just action packed fun. I had a smile on my face the whole time I played.
  • Omori - One of those games that defies the expectations of rpg-maker. This game takes you on an adventure. A very emotionally beautiful yet devastating one.
  • Hades - not my favorite genre but the game has so much detail feels constantly rewarding. Plus there is an easy mode that isn’t easy for noobs like me but does make the game beatable and more rewarding!
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum - You play as Batman, and it’s a lot of fun! Nuff said
  • Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion - a quirky little adventure with funny characters and dialogue.
  • Smile For Me - super unique point and click puzzle game where you have to make all the characters happy. I enjoy games with a slightly creepy undertone to a happy exterior.
  • Before Your Eyes - short but powerful story. Like a VN using your eyes as the mouse
  • Heartbound - This game is not done but I still want to give it the recognition it deserves. A+ characters, storytelling, world building, artstyle, etc. Unfortunately very far from being finished.
*  [Road 96](
*  [Spiritfarer®: Farewell Edition](
*  [Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy](
*  [OMORI](
*  [Hades](
*  [Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition](
*  [Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion](
*  [Smile For Me](
*  [Before Your Eyes](
*  [Heartbound](


Oh no, stef, you killed me with the lack of formatting. :( Added!


I fixed it! I think



  • Immortality: An FMV game where much of the game(play) is in your head as you try to work out why things have been said or happened, and recontextualise previously seen footage in light of other footage - there’s the main question of what happened to the actress, and the secondary questions of why each of her films weren’t released, but lots of other questions arise and can be answered. I had about 20 hours play after reaching the credits (though some of that was fairly miserable in tracking down the final clips). Main writer did Her Story. One co-writer co-wrote film Don’t Look Now. Another co-writer wrote novel Wild at Heart and co-wrote film Lost Highway with Lynch. Best played with controller and headphones, having read “About” and “Content Warning” in the main menu, and avoided spoilerific reviews.
  • Hitman III: Such a good sandbox game, although some of the better levels are imported from H1 and H2. The upcoming Freelancer Mode should extend replayability further.
  • Elden Ring: Combines the souls-like with a real sense of exploration and adventure to be its own thing. Games where one’s mount don’t have a double jump now feel a bit awkward.
  • Rivals: Fun puzzle where you piece through documents and sound clips to work out what happened when.
  • Grim Legends: A hidden object game - the first I’ve played - that was made with far more care and I found more enjoyable than expected.
  • The Innsmouth Case: An amusing silly Lovecraftian mythos Choose Your Own Adventure.
  • Deathloop: Bioshock meets Majora’s Mask. Glad to have played it but probably won’t finish it.
  • Dishonored: Finished before, but went back and played some more. Deathloop’s limit of two powers in a level feels so constraining in comparison.
  • Gorogoa: Previously finished, but played through again. A lovely artistically creative puzzle game.
  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth: Still good for a pick-up-and-play session while half-watching something
* [Immortality](
* [Hitman III](
* [Elden Ring](
* [Rivals](
* [Grim Legends](
* [Deathloop](
* [Dishonored](
* [The Innsmouth Case](
* [Gorogoa](
* [The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth](

Glad to have played it but probably won’t finish it.

How come?

  • There’s four zones which are reskinned for four different times of day. This may open up or restrict a few additional zones/areas/routes but you end up needing to revisit over as you get more information, to upgrade slabs (technically you can upgrade if you have the right drops from an invasion), or to redo something that can only be done at one time of day - this makes them different but often not significantly different
  • There’s minimal enemy variety (the invader changes things up, but otherwise…) and the AI is a bit janky. That is fine in a puzzle-stealth game such as Commandos or Hitman or even a more pure action-stealth game such as Thief or Dishonored, but less good in a combat-stealth game. You can play Deathloop stealthily, but you have fewer tools to do so, and only two special abilities at a time (choice somewhat constrained by the usefulness of blink and the risk of invasion), and sooner or later you’re likely going to drop into full combat
  • Am I the bad guy?

This comment was deleted about 1 year ago.


Only eight people chiming in on the games they played last year. :(


Yeah it feels like much less than previous year(s). I also just realised I haven’t posted mine yet either!


Why did you scratch out the “haven’t posted mine” part? Did you post it somewhere?


No, it just totally makes it less visible/obvious if it’s crossed out, no one will notice! :)




I’ve posted it now.


So I’ve been reminded that I already made this list, so…

  • Psychonauts Timeless masterpiece
  • METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE Adrenaline, Kojima-cringe, memes. It has it all. The music is incredible, the story is bonkers but complex, gameplay is cutting-edge (harrharr)
  • Omno A wonderful, laid-back experience
  • Life is Strange how to get emotionally destroyed for a fortnight, teen edition
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Hit more after books, still incredibly unique
  • ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West Character study and roadtrip.
  • Little Hope (Played through family sharing) I liked it a lot more than Man of Medan because it had a laid-out plan of start and end (getting through the town). It felt less like I’ve been just being dragged along for a story, and more in control. The characters felt more unique and interesting as well.
  • Batman - The Telltale Series Loved how you had to play as Bruce as well. More choices, more flavour. Definitely made me want to return to Arkham City (and bought Knight lately). As I’ve been told, “It’s that Arkham games are bestest bestu ever!”
  • Ryse: Son of Rome It was called as a stupid QTE game. Was simple, but super effective, beautiful and memorable.
  • Wolfenstein New Order 2/10, severe lack of diplomatic solutions. Loved the off-time moody scenes, and how human (and yet, incredibly broken) Blazko was in a game, that’s identity is “kill nazis”. The rebel base is one of my favourite locations in gaming.

Bonus nominations only by name, mostly for their graphical uniqueness (and they had a shortcoming in some ways):
Draugen Walking sim, but it makes my heart ache, it’s so beautiful.
Norco Gets wildly off the rails later on, but moody description, great writing and stellar pixel art is a killer combo
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Get a bit repetitious after the first 1500 kills or so (jk, but really, it’s killing stuff, got to 2500ish. The soundscape and environment is great)
Apotheon. A bit simplistic in some ways, but utterly unique.

[Life is Strange](
[S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl](
[ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West](
[Little Hope](
[Batman - The Telltale Series](
[Ryse: Son of Rome](
[Wolfenstein New Order](

Help, I can’t work with code view T_T


“It’s that Arkham games are bestest bestu ever!”

Do people besides me ever say that? :eyes:


Possibly, maybe?
Though the quote is from you :D

* [Death Stranding](
* [Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments](
* [Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter](
* [Vampire Slave](
* [DRAMAtical Murder](
* [Predynastic Egypt](
* [Murder by Numbers](

Yay, a new entry in the list! Unfortunately nothing I have on my main. I have Sherlock: DD on my alt.


You’d probably like Murder by Numbers :3


Pretty late post but maybe still useful for december or whenever this gets recycled :) Some are from my top 8 post, but I’ll avoid repeats (and sequels that nobody on blaeo owns) for the sake of adding more games to the pool.

* [Cyanotype Daydream -The Girl Who Dreamed the World-](
* [Devil May Cry 5](
* [Katana ZERO](
* [Library of Ruina](
* [Loop Hero](
* [Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition](
* [Persona 5 Royal](
* [planetarian \~the reverie of a little planet~](
* [Resident Evil Village](
* [Sands of Salzaar](


  • Watch paint dryIt has no store page! Although I originally played it in its stand-alone version from the Groupees Tax Year bundle, I was very very lucky and able to obtain a key for the game (as well as some great non-related stickers and a very nice non-related glass coaster from a friend of the author’s via Etsy). I made sure that it was the first game that I played when I got my SteamDeck.
  • Aperture Desk JobAnother early SteamDeck game – it’s just a neat way to introduce yourself to the Deck, and re-introduce yourself into the world of Portal
  • The Neverhood – NOT ON STEAM! I love this game. Love the soundtrack, love the characters, love the world, the style, the story, the presentation, the humor. Maybe not all the backtracking, but still… Played this one through for the first time in a long time via the Playstation emulator on SteamDeck.
  • Riven: The Sequel to MystFinally beaten (without hints… … …okay, with one hint!) twenty-five years after I’d first played it (and… regrettably… cheated my way through it). Definitely enjoyed it.
  • Myst III: ExileGoing from Riven to Exile, it was neat to feel the obvious graphical upgrade; managed to solve this one entirely on my own, although a certain lever almost ruined that.
  • The Walking Dead - A New FrontierAlthough I’d forgotten much of the past games that I had played much closer to their actual release dates, it was great to continue Clem’s story in this universe. (I still don’t care for the show at all though.)
* [Aperture Desk Job](
* [Myst III: Exile](
* The Neverhood
* [Riven: The Sequel to Myst](
* [The Walking Dead - A New Frontier](
* [Watch paint dry: The Game](

And that’ll do it for me this year. I did beat a few others though…

Played through Far Cry 5 on Stadia (RIP… it has five more days to live and I haven’t touched it since the death announcement because it just makes me sad). I’ll miss Stadia way more than FC5. It overstayed its welcome. It was good, and the random bits of semi-buggy chaos are fun. But yeah, it turned into a chore game, like so many others do these days.

Gorogoa was neat. But, at the same time, it wasn’t as wonderfully special as I’d hoped it might be. I’d still recommend it if you already own it. But if you don’t, it’s okay.

Ditto for Donut County. Neat, but not as special as I’d hoped. Didn’t scratch that Katamari-esque itch as much as I thought it would.

Cats Organized Neatly (in large part due to these BLAEO end-of-year lists). A good time waster. Wish it was on my phone instead of the Deck.

And Walking Dead: Michonne. Just a good entry in the Telltale series of that-kind-of-game. I think I still need to play the last Walking Dead game actually… I think. They all kind of blend into each other after a while….

My main PC died. So, now I’m only on mobile, Deck, and my brand new shiny… affordable… $100 (USD) laptop! …I’m not gaming on that last one though. It does surprisingly well for writing/learning code though. I’m writing this post on it! Yay, electronic things. Hmm… ok… car, too… I can game on the car… I like my car.

This post is ending now. Because otherwise, it might not.


Is it worth playing Aperture Desk Job on PC if you don’t have a Steam Deck?

My main PC died.



Hmm… I mean… if you’re absolutely never going to get a Steam Deck ever… then yeah. But mostly just to have played it. It will probably feel like you’re missing out a bit though, since it’s very explicitly a showcase for the Deck – the whole interface mirrors a Deck and the game mostly seems to exist just to get you familiar with where all the controls are. But it’s entertaining, and very much the Portal universe, so… yeah, still worth playing if you never plan to get one.

Thank you for the condolences. Built that PC in 2008, so it’s already been running way longer than I ever expected it to. I’m not entirely sure what’s wrong with it yet – it starts to boot Windows and then goes right back to the BIOS – but I definitely don’t have the time to diagnose it, so… yep. Dead. (Maybe zombie later.)


Ooh! Three choices to add to my monthly Attack Plan (which will likely go entirely un-attacked this month)!


Looks like a solid (but time consuming …of course…) set of games! I’ve long been meaning to get to Mad Max myself – even got as far as installing it a few times. Hellblade and Plague Tale, too, though they haven’t ever made it to installation yet. The Last Campfire is the only one I hadn’t heard of, and I’m just gonna keep it that way so I don’t have to add it to my own mental list! :D

Feel free to ping me if you get stuck on either of the Myst games! The places I got stuck on both of them were (mostly) non-obvious, but most of both games are quite logical or informed from the surroundings.


I bought and played Riven back when it came out on 5 CDs (so, circa 1997-1998). I made a certain amount of progress, but eventually got stuck. Of course this was before the widespread availability of online guides. I’m sure I still have those CDs around here somewhere, but my save games would have been for Macintosh since that’s all I had back then (I got my first Windows PC in 2002). If I ever dust off the Steam version (which TBH seems unlikely), I may just use a guide just to play and see the game, as opposed to actually “playing” it. Or I suppose I can watch a video walkthrough.


Nice! I had it on disc as well (but on Windows)! I’m certain there were guides online at the time though… since that’s how I got through the game back then…

I always like using “UHS” hints (Universal Hint System) for point-and-click style games, so that if I do get stuck, it’s rare that the hints from a UHS style guide will actually spoil anything. I definitely think Riven and Exile are both worth exploring on your own, and just leave it for the next day if you get stuck. If you didn’t have any “…I wonder if…” moments between then and when you get back to it, then sure, go for a hint.

I’ll also justify hints (as opposed to straight-up walkthroughs) as being really similar to back in the day when there weren’t so many games, and many friends might be playing the same game – so you’re just checking with a friend to see how far they got in the game. :)


I love UHS! I’ve used it a number of times over the years. In fact, last July I even bought the UHS Reader for Windows with 3 years of updates just to support the endeavor. (I’ve never actually used it.) And now that I think about it, the Riven CDs I bought were hybrid Mac/PC, which I remember being a selling point because I was considering moving from Mac to PC (due to lack of games, mostly!), which means it probably would have been closer to 2000 that I bought it. I wonder if this existed back in the day? I don’t remember anything like it, but who knows?

I love those “…I wonder if…” moments you have when you least expect it and can’t wait to try it out next time. And I have no problem justifying hints or walkthroughs (especially for achievements) or anything else. I will always seek maximum enjoyment of the game, in whatever form that may take…even if it means the extremes of reading tons of hints or banging my head against the wall for days. ;-) For me, it depends on the game/puzzle.

* [A Plague Tale: Requiem](
* [Cult of the Lamb](
* [Death's Door](
* [Dorfromantik](
* [Escape Simulator](
* [It Takes Two](
* [Kena: Bridge of Spirits](
* [No Man's Sky](
* [Pupperazzi](
* [TOEM](

Would have definitely included Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy but luckily it was already on the list.


Yay! Thank you for posting (even if I don’t have any of the games).


2022 has been a surprisingly weak year for me, in terms of games… I know I’m terribly late! I just… really wanted to post, still ;w;

AVICII Invector - A satisfying rhythm game, all about AVICII’s music. I wouldn’t have listened to it all in bulk like this otherwise, but this game really set him apart in my mind as a truly creative DJ, not like the ones that go around remixing old songs like they’re the hot new thing.

Crazy Taxi - Classic much before my time, this game is impossible not to love due to its aesthetics. Fun fact: it took the efforts of three people for this game to be 100%ed on my account ^^;;

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered - The first… relevant? Quantic Dream game, shall we say. Nowadays, it mostly remains as a reminder of where the studio has come from, though the messy writing and tokenism are hardly excusable.

Four Rendezvous - Perhaps one of the better indie VNs I’ve read in a while.

Grim Fandango Remastered - Played this one the second time in 2022 and it was just as fun as the first time. I still think it would make a great movie, even if I can tell there are some parts people would complain about.

Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth - An absolute gem, definitely the highlight of my 2022 (which says a lot, considering I played it right near the start of the year…) The story was enthralling, which, after I’ve learned that the book series has been around for so many years, I’m not surprised about. It’s become one of those games that I can see myself replaying very soon, not to mention that I’ve been wanting to get into reading the original book series right after finishing the game.

my brother lives in a canyon - One of those hidden gems we all might stumble upon every once in a while. It also went free-to-play shortly before I found it, I believe.

The Henry Stickmin Collection - The “Definitive Edition” of the legendary Henry Stickmin series, complete with an all-new game and a ton of new gags to boot. Another one of my true 2022 favorites.

The Shapeshifting Detective - The first FMV I played with my boyfriend; still the best one since.

The Stanley Parable - I don’t suppose this game even needs an introduction? I only beat it in 2022, because I knew I’d have enough stuff to keep me busy while I don’t play :’D

* [AVICII Invector](
* [Crazy Taxi](
* [Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered](
* [Four Rendezvous](
* [Grim Fandango Remastered](
* [Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth](
* [my brother lives in a canyon](
* [The Henry Stickmin Collection](
* [The Shapeshifting Detective](
* [The Stanley Parable](