ok, this was a long post about how I moved in to a new apartment, it was flooded due to a leaking pipe from the neighbour upstairs, how I had to wait for 5 months to have the place dried out and renovated (insurance covered it) and spent 2 more months renovating the parts of the apartment not affected by the water leak so the whole apartment would have matching walls/flooring, and how that affected the time I’ve been able to play games. I also listed all games I finished during that time.

However, I managed to edit the wrong post and wiped everything by mistake :(

I’ll probably edit this again and try to add the game list again, I still have it in a spreadsheet :) I’ll leave you with this short notice meanwhile.


Couldve just put pop. Pretty much most people who do a report at this point are in that damn group. We are taking over! Anyway good luck with your picks

Oh and looks like that apartment has been very eventful


Welcome back, tso! Long time no see, obviously. I’m glad that things seem to be straightened out, and that you were able to get at least some gaming in during your hiatus from BLAEO. I don’t post anymore, but I still read or skim updates, make annoying comments, and keep my lists and progress up-to-date.


Oh gosh, that sounds suuuuuper annoying and exhausting! Glad you got that apartment thing sorted out in the end though. Hope you are feeling by now at home and love the place :)
So how is the new job? You like it?

Uh, you played AC! How did you like that one? I only ever played the first after… uh, the 4th? Not sure anymore rly. But it felt so super clumsy compared to the later games xD Although it was fun meeting Altair in person :]
Good luck with your pop picks!


Hey, kinda late reply here :D

Still at the new job, and I like it! That was what surprised me, I was meant to work there just for a few months, but I really like it there and when they told me I was doing a good job and asked if I wanted to stay I decided to stay there for one more year. Had plans to go back to university in October, but that will have to wait until next year, the money is good and almost everything is nice with the job, except for my department manager who does nothing to improve efficiency. I’ve given several suggestions, he always replies “no, we’re not going to put time into implementing any changes”, and then later he complains about bad efficiency…

AC was a pretty good game. I agree it was quite clumsy in certain ways, but I’m still happy I played it, I’m planning on playing every game in the AC franchise, especially looking forward to Black Flag :) It probably would have been much harder going back to it after playing the newer games.


Well if you enjoy it: Why not, right? I think it’s pretty important to do a job, that is not only a job, but something you actually like. So good for you!

I’m currently playing AC Rogue - wasn’t even aware it was another one with ships included. So very happy I get to listen to more Sea Shanties :D

Lucky Thirteen

Hey, welcome back :)
Those are some cool games you’ve finished. Shadowrun Hongkong is still gathering dust in my library, perhaps it will fit one of the future monthly themes and then I’ll finally play it haha :D
As for the games you intend to play next, I finished Victor Vran quite recently myself and personally I had fun with it. Their take on singleplayer + co-op model was perhaps not the best (things like dyes for your outfit and poses/emotes dropping in singleplayer mode when you’d rather get something useful), but it was a fine game all in all. Have fun! :)


Yeah, Victor Vran was fun! The only thing I didn’t like was how you never actually got “stronger” since all the enemies were changed out for stronger ones when you returned to some old map. I understand the reasoning from the developer, but one of the fun thing with grinding levels in many other games is that enemies from early in the game becomes trivial, and you get the chance to feel really powerful. Since those enemies are replaced at the same rate as you level up, every level is always challenging, so there’s no real benefit in going back to a certain map later when you have higher level/equipment…

Didn’t try it in MP though


I enjoyed Slime Rancher a lot, so I hope you do too!
And it’s good to hear that your problems with the apartment got solved in the end. Sounds tiring, irritating, and … tiring.
How did you like Firewatch?


Slime Rancher was fun :) It didn’t have the same addictive properties as say Stardew Valley, but that was probably due to the static placement of everything, it wasn’t possible to set up the ranch exactly as I would have wanted for maximum efficiency. Some of the gadgets you unlock can help out, but I never got enough items to build the drone and some other things that would have made for a more interesting/efficient ranch.

Firewatch was nice as well! I’m usually not that big fan of “walking simulators”, since I like games both for the story and for engaging game mechanics, and I’m more likely to play a game with excellent game mechanics and no story than a game with excellent story and no engaging game mechanics (say a VN), Firewatch had such a strong story and presentation that it managed to keep me hooked all the way through :)


That water leak sounds like a nightmare, glad things are feeling more settled!

I’d also be interested to know what you thought of AC1 having played it recently myself and was left with very mixed feelings… and congrats on beating Furi, I never did manage to beat it, I’ll have to return to give it another attempt.


Mentioned AC1 in another comment above, it was a pretty good game but quite clumsy in certain ways, but I’m still happy I played it, I’m planning on playing every game in the AC franchise, especially looking forward to Black Flag :) It probably would have been much harder going back to it after playing the newer games.

Furi was an ass of a game, I hated the developer for some of the very annoying sections in the fights, and for disabling EVERY achievement if you lowered the difficulty level. Also myself for thinking it would be a good game to get on Steam and play one day :)

I still understand what they were going for, and I’m sure there are people who really love it and play it on the even higher difficulty modes and try to make it without even being hit once. That’s not how I like to play games though.

I think I would rate it 5/10 from my point of view.


What a story ! I hope everything is going smoothly and you sent back the water to the neighbor, it’s their after all and you wouldn’t keep something that got somehow lost in your apartment, right ?


Wow, that’s a whole lot of happenings! Sounds like things are going mostly swimmingly though (occasionally literally?), so long as nothing irreplaceable was damaged by the water. Hope everything’s settling down a bit for you – unless you’ve been enjoying the adventures, and then I just hope they continue to be relatively harmless!

That’s also a lot of really solid assassinations! Congrats! :)