If nobody comes from the future to stop you, how bad can the decision really be?

August's Theme: Do-Over</div>

I hope everyone had a very relaxing July, because you'll need all your energy for this month's theme! We will be traveling through time, trying to fix past mistakes. Or maybe we'll just make time our b**** and use it to get ahead. One way or another, time is on your side this month with our theme Do-Over!

The focus is on games that involve time travel and time manipulation as central/important gameplay elements or plot points. As usual, you can find a list of applicable games here. However, with the introduction of monthly overall rankings (announcement coming later), we felt it a bit much to also rank theme games, so while there is a submission post for you to brag about your adventures, it's purely to collect everyone's theme progress in one spot.

And now, go change the future! (or present, or past ...)


Do I have to participate in this month's theme?
No, as with every theme, these are merely suggestions for anyone who is unsure about what to play next. If you already have a battle plan for your backlog and/or don't like this month's theme, you're free to ignore it.

What happens if I don't participate in the monthly theme?
Absolutely nothing.

What happens if I play all the games from the theme list this month?
Still nothing.

I don't own any of the games from the game list, how can I still participate?
The game list is most likely incomplete. If you own or know of any other games that might fit this month's theme, feel free to suggest it under the corresponding post.

I already played all the games I own from the theme list, should I play something again to participate?
If it was an awesome game and you'd like to replay it, sure, go ahead. Only replaying it for the theme won't help you with your backlog though, so if that would be your only reason you should probably think about trying something else instead. (Although, strictly speaking, re-playing something could fit the theme as well, so if you have absolutely nothing else to play, you can still do that, I guess ...)

What if I meet my past self while time-traveling?
Just, don't.

As usual, thanks to Concept for this month's logo :)


Amazing logo, as usual. :) Great job, Concept!

Sucks that I played pretty much all the games I own that are applicable last month, but that’s on me, since I already knew about the theme. xD I still have some I can play this month.


Yeah, I was wondering why you were picking exactly those games a month early XD


Thanks for the FAQ, but I’m still wondering: do the theme participants get their own little time machines so we could have more time to play? ;)

Very cool idea for the theme, I’m sure I’ll find a few games to play from that list. :)


Sorry, our budget only allowed for one time machine to be shared between the admins. But maybe you can afford this definitely real time machine by yourself?


Brilliant! Hopefully those people will accept a credit card, because after they’ve shipped my time machine I can make sure I can afford it. Next week’s lottery numbers, here I come!


I loooove this month’s theme, color me super excited (back to the future is one of my favorite movies and I’ve been wanting to play the game for ages, perfect opportunity). I can’t wait to get at it :) Thanks for organizing!

(Ps: Do the winner get a dolorean?)


Yay, someone likes the theme! :D I love time travel stuff, and time loops and all of that ^^
I wish we had a Delorean to raffle off, I’d finally play some games then XD


I love time travel shenanigans. It’s a shame there is not more games on the topic it seems, but i’m excited to play the ones i have. Greeeeeeat theme :3

You can raffle a dolorean for Rocket league (i think there was also one in burnout paradise as i had it on 360 and it was the only skin DLC i’ve ever bought :p )


Oh, you’re right! And it’s pretty perfect actually, we were thinking about maybe possibly doing a RL tournament :O


Woo, cool theme :D Really cool logo too, nice one DC!

That gif makes me want to watch Bill and Ted again too. What a classic :3


great scott
Awesome! This looks like it’s going to be fun. :)

Now I see you’ve mentioned meeting ones past self but what about killing your own Grandfather, is that still out of the question? ;)

That logo is amazing


If you wait long enough for your respective parent to be born, maybe? Though that might send them on a different path and you won’t be born … oh, the paradox-possibilities are endless XD


Nice, have 21 unplayed games from the current list.
Deponia Doomsday is installed since release, but only played the first minutes and then got distracted.
Time to reattack!

Evoland 2 and D4 are 2 games high on my wish to play list. They will be played for sure this month. For the rest. Let’s see how that develops.


Awesome logo and great theme! I own 12 eligible games. Reminds me of 12 monkeys :D Time to challenge the laws of physics!

☽ Coraline Castell ☾

Nice theme! I don’t think I’ll be participating, but I’ll post some interesting gizmos to compensate (books, movies, etc) on my next update. (:


What a cool theme, and that logo is really cool. I only have a few games on the list and am busy with other games so I won’t be participating (again :/) but I hope everyone has fun with this!


Looking at the list I’ve got three in my library that are barely touched so this makes for some good motivation to play them. I’ve played through the Time Mysteries series a while back but I do have a few achievement I need to go back and get if I want 100% Doesn’t look like much else for me from this month’s theme but the theme is always just a good jumping off point that leads me to play a lot of other games. Best of luck to all assassins this month!


Looks like a good theme. I have five games, but haven’t played any of them. This topic also brings up the question: who is the better doctor?


Really nice theme! Looks like this will be the month I play Life is Strange! :-D

Apart from that, these are my Steamgifts wins in the game list:

  • Time Mysteries 2
  • Doctor Who: The Adventure Games
  • D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die

So those have a very good chance at being played as well! I’m also thinking about finishing The Talos Principle and playing the Bioshock Infinite DLC (really enjoyed the base game 2 years ago).. oohhhh so many options!

Oh and for those who haven’t played The Silent Age: Go play it this month! Really liked that game!


awesome logo and interesting theme, gamelist a bit small yet but nicely increasing already ^^ and with Talos in, it can’t be bad :3

introduction of monthly overall rankings (announcement coming later)

but I must know naaaooo, why can’t future you travel back in time and tell me already (^▽^)

a bit much to also rank theme games

oh noooes .・゚゚・(/ω\)・゚゚・. That really gave me some extra motivation. And just when I succeeded rising above the last places. (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Downward Concept

I’ve got a lot of games from the list, but fortunately beaten most of them! 3 games left to play, but I don’t know if I wanna play them this month. Only time will tell. :P


However, with the introduction of monthly overall rankings (announcement coming later)

Still waiting for the announcement. Don’t keep us in suspense so long :(


Sorry, it’s not my announcement to make, and I think the guys are still working some things out … (and mandrill started playing Stardew …)


Oh oh. We’ll never receive an update this month, now that he got sucked into stardew


still no news how you will do the overall rankings?


Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything yet, sorry - I thought they were about ready (and parts of it are), but I guess not quite …


stupid question…i see no top in the submission post…is it somewhere else?


Top? Do you mean the ranking? There is no ranking for this month’s theme, sorry ^^



Baron Khazadson

Question:What if you didn’t take any screenshots showing progress in a game? IE I played EP 1-4 of Back to the Future:The Game but only took a few ss from EPS1 and 2. I’ll make sure to show some including any ending screens from Episode 5, but I really hadn’t thought about it until reading the submission rules.


not a big deal, since this time submissions are more about internal site stats - so we can do a post at the end about x players played y games, assess how themes do for hopefully just as good/better themes in the future

Baron Khazadson

Excellent, thanks for the reply:)