May's Theme: Multiplayer May

This is a theme that has been requested many times over, and I’m sure it won’t be the only time we’ll do this. This month the focus is on games you can play together with or against other people. After last month’s awesome “Challenge me” theme, it’s more clear than ever that many of you enjoy interacting with each other here, rather than just posting what you’ve been up to. Since there are many, many games that fit this theme, I tried to limit this month’s list to games likely to get played. As always, you guys can suggest more, but please only suggest games you’d like to play or are open to playing this month.

Since this group has grown to over 300 somewhat active members, and 300 more that might come back at any time, organizing will be mostly up to you. Here’s what I suggest: There are two parts to this theme: The day to day, more or less personal gaming, and weekly (?) group events

Personal gaming: Anyone who is up for a game either scans the replies here/posts themselves what games they’re interested in and at what time(s) they could play (don’t forget to include your timezone), OR you join our Discord server and check there whenever you feel like playing (the Steam group chat is also open to everyone, but don’t expect much activity there). I will add a few text channels for the most popular games if/when necessary, and voice channels as well if we need more. (side note: if anyone’s more familiar with Discord, I could certainly use some help moderating and doing things there in general ^^) (If things get too confusing, maybe I’ll open a separate forum in the Steam group?)

Group events: Aside from the running theme of “play together”, I would also like to host a few tournaments/planned events of the most popular games. Let’s start with Rocket League, since I know quite a few of you play that, and see what else emerges (please comment on what games you’d like to see as community events - Town of Salem maybe? Superfight (in Tabletop Simulator)? 100% Orange Juice?). Also, please let me know if anyone can stream any of the matches, so people not currently playing can spectate :)

Finally, I’d like to reiterate that this theme will be very much shaped by you and your participation - if you need help getting a certain last achievement only available in co-op mode, please post here. And if you can and want to help someone else with that achievement, please reply to such a post. If you just want to play a round of Armello, post about it. Or for everything, just drop by Discord and see if you can find someone who’s in the mood for a game :)

List of Games
BLAEO Discord server
Rocket League sign-ups

Thanks to Concept for the tiny assassins in the banner (I just stole them from the top of the site :P), to Nerf Expertise for compiling a list of most owned games in the group, and to LastM for the alliteration ^^


Do I have to participate in this month’s theme?
No, as with every theme, these are merely suggestions for anyone who is unsure about what to play next. If you already have a battle plan for your backlog and/or don’t like this month’s theme, you’re free to ignore it.

What happens if I don’t participate in the monthly theme?
Absolutely nothing.

What happens if I play all the games from the theme list this month?
Still nothing.

I don’t own any of the games from the game list, how can I still participate?
The game list is most likely incomplete. If you own or know of any other games that might fit this month’s theme, feel free to suggest them under the corresponding post. The first comment also includes a few free to play suggestions, so you don’t have to buy anything in order to play with other assassins. You can also just drop by our Discord to chat.

I already played all the games I own from the theme list, should I play something again to participate?
If it was an awesome game and you’d like to replay it, sure, go ahead. Only replaying it for the theme won’t help you with your backlog though, so if that would be your only reason you should probably think about trying something else instead. (Although, if you have absolutely nothing else to play, you can still do that, and maybe help out some new players of the game.)

I’m shy. How can I still participate?
That’s okay. Feel free to join multiplayer matches without actually talking to us - maybe it’ll help you get to know some others and you feel more comfortable for the next match :)


Also, this


Sadly I’m not sooooooo much into mp games. I have some, but I mostly play them with a friend, so… not really :/
I would love to play Town of Salem with you though - but I don’t have it as a steam game ;_;

So good luck and much to all those who participate!


I think Town of Salem can be played with people on Steam and off - I just login with my Steam account, everything else is not related to Steam. Just keep an eye on the announcements for when we organize an assassins-only session ;)


Huh, alright, then I might even join in ;)
If I can find my login data o.o


I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve a mention since what I imagined was quite different, but thanks, nonetheless. Btw, what is an alliteration? (The dictionary version didn’t help o.0)


Alliteration just means both words start with the same letter/sound (M in this case). I guess I had things mixed up, I thought you mentioned “multiplayer March” somewhere, but that might’ve just come up in a chat with someone else. And what did you imagine? Re-reading your suggestion, it doesn’t give much of a clue except playing together (which this is?). But if you have ideas about how to organize this better, let me know :)


The alliteration, unfortunately, wasn’t my idea. Mine was called “let’s March together”, but it doesn’t sound as good in May. xD My original idea was to create a theme that would be like a Tinder for games. The plan was to compile a list of people interested or use a site to “match” partners by a common game that have some co-op option. Partners would be chosen randomly when possible, to help people find new gaming friends. Everyone would get one. Some people could ask for more partners, if they wanted to ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Not the best summary, but you get the idea.

Your idea is good and definitely broader than mine. I wasn’t trying to imply anything like that, sorry if it sounded like that. IMO, any multiplayer theme is better and more effective than singleplayer themes, so I’m happy that we got one. I do hope to give my idea a try someday though. :)


I will sign up for the Rocket League event again.
Haven’t played it in ages though :(

Also up for 100% orange juice, this game has been sitting in my library for a long long time now, really want to know what it is about.


Not really into MP games. Especially not competitive ones. But I am sure a lot of others will join the theme.
My currently installed games are mostly SP only, so not even coop. And those that have coop available are reserved to be played with fix players already.


I don’t play much online MP (crappy connexion, I’m looking at you), plus I’m not available til the middle of the month, so I might not have time to participate in this month’s theme but I’m sure you’re gonna have a lot of people interested! Definitely what I got from last month is that people are interested in interacting together and that made me happy :3


I’m not an MP person by nature, and this looks to be an extremely busy month. But I’ll watch the reactions; who knows, maybe someone will drag me out of my single-player world.


I’ll keep an eye on the theme to see if any MP games of interest to me are mentioned but I doubt it as my current MP time is being spent on Eco, currently a non-Steam game in Alpha. I can highly recommend it but it is pricey. I like it because it’s highly co-operative with no “enemies” to kill - the only killing you’ll do is to animals & plants for food. It’s basically a Minecraft style game in first person where the idea is to develop a world pre-populated with animals, plants & resources from scratch. I’m currently playing on a friend’s server and also setup my own to play with my eldest son (a selling point is as a teaching aid for environmental & ecological issues)


I don’t play Multiplayer games but if anyone is up for some Heroes of the Storm (non-Steam game), I’m in :P


Hui, multiplayer and co-op games. That can be interesting if you find someone. I’ll try to remember to check back here. But I could need achievement help for the following games:

  • Resident Evil 5, versus achievements (they are grindy and boring so only the commited)
  • 100 % OJ
  • No more room in hell

I can help or play for fun:

  • Resident Evil 5, campaign
  • 100 % OJ
  • No more room in hell
  • BroForce (maybe)
  • Half Minute Hero
  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Magicka
  • Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide
  • RWBY

And for the unlikely event that the Frau DLC goes on sale this month:

  • Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds

If one of you is interested just reply here or on an old post of mine and we can check if we find some time together (weekend in the evening is most likely). For reference I’m Europe/Germany.


Ah, slightly disappointed because I don’t like MP games and don’t play them. :( But knowing how many do, a very good theme! Good luck to all.