July's Theme: The Long Game

It’s taken me a few days, but the final list should be up to date now. If you don’t see your status reflected and I didn’t respond to you with an explanation, I probably missed your post, sorry! Please let me know if anything needs changing/updating.
Everyone who either finished at least one of their games for the July challenge or at least gave it a good try (more than 12 hrs played and a few achievements if applicable) has been added to my whitelist. I’ve put up a giveaway for you guys on steamgifts, and LadySanta added another, so make sure to check that out :)

Final stats:
Challenges finished: 42/74
Games finished: 50/86

Congrats to everyone who participated, even if you didn’t manage to finish your game last month (like me). In that case I hope you keep at it and maybe you can complete it this month :)


Thanks for hosting! Really appreciated :)
This was a very good theme for me, I was a bit hesistant to start my game before the challenge. I’m glad I participated!


That looks like a very successful monthly challenge. Thank you for running it!
And thank you so much for that giveaway - I’ve heard only wonderful things about that game.


This was a great Monthly theme for me since it encouraged me to play a couple of games I had collecting dust on my backlog… long games are always difficult to for me to start.

I’m really happy it was a great success. Congratulations everyone on your progress and thanks nellyneko for being our host :)


Thank you for updating and even more thank you for hosting the event! It was fun to play a longer game for a challenge!

Also thank you for the GAs :)

@LadySanta: Thank you too! :)


Thanks for great event and WL, even though i failed the challenge :)

And grats to everyone who did beat their game :D


Thank you for hosting, and sorry for being such a tremendous failure. :p
I hope to put in 20h on my selected game this month– it was a good impetus to start a long game (and SG win).
And great choice on a giveaway!


I made it over 20 hours, but couldn’t get the whole game done xP I did NOT realize how much grinding would go into Neptunia xD Thanks for the fun event :)

Lucky Thirteen

Nice, I’ve been wondering if we’ll see the monthly wrap-up. Couldn’t do without a virtual pat on the back for my great achievements haha ;D

Thanks for hosting the theme! Feels nice to beat a few long games every once in a while :)


Thanks again for this challenge, it really gave me motivation to play and beat a longer game. :)


T_T I really tried to complete the game but it just took too long. At least I managed to finish the main story line. Just have to do the extra section and the DLC ……

Blue Ϟ Lightning

I’m kinda late cause I was camping all weekend but thank you for hosting this event <3
and thanks for all the work you did compiling everything


Hi, I’m back from holidays and I think you missed my answer on the wrap-up topic, stating that I had kinda completed the monthly challenge (main quest of Batman Arkham Origins). And relax, I don’t take this oversight as an offense. ;)