BLAEO Generators v1.0 is out!

Hello! I’d like to show you what I’ve been working on for past few days. This is a site that lets you generate bars and game boxes for use in BLAEO posts! The site has a super-duper ultra fancy time-saving autofilling feature! Just type in the game’s AppID, and the site will automatically fetch data, such as playtime, achievements or game title from BLAEO, saving you time.

Link to the website: http://blaeogenerators.is-great.net/

Example bar and box made using the generator:

80 Days

4.3 hours of playtime, 8 of 35 achievements
Hooray for custom text!

Please take a look and let me know if you found any bugs or got any suggestions! I hope you’ll find this site useful!


Haha, that’s sooo true! But hey, I’ve learned quite a lot about HTML/CSS/JS while I was making the generator, so the time wasn’t entirely wasted :)


Wow thank you for creating that! I’m terrible at html and such and it always takes me forever to make those banners! Much appreciated :)


You’re welcome :)


Curious to see how I can use it! \o/
Thank you for making that! :)


Wow awesome, I’ll try that thanks. I was working on a userscript to generate banners too, but a website is more convenient !


Interesting! Did you complete the userscript?


Yes, you can find it here:


FYI, the Completion bar “Won’t play (red)” doesn’t work.


Fixed! Thanks for telling me.


This is so cool, I wish I knew anything about javascript to be able to do something similar!


Looks really nice– but it’s blocked by my company’s IT Acceptable Use Policy. That’s odd…I guess I’ll have to check it out at home. Where is it hosted (geographically)?
It would be cool if the code contained an area for entering your thoughts/review where if you click in the banner, it expands/contracts the review section. Or maybe it does? I can’t actually access it yet.
Thank you so much for your contribution!


It’s hosted in the UK. I’ve uploaded the generator to GitHub just now (https://kubikill.github.io/blaeogenerators/), see if you can check it out now. As for the thoughts/review part, no, I haven’t added that, but it seems to be a good idea! Probably something that I’ll do for the next update.


Works great this way! Thank you so much! =)


Thank you for creating that, will help me a lot!


Wow, this is so generous of you, thank for taking the time for us. This will really helps me a lot!!


Awesome, thanks! :D


Awesome man, well done. This is dope :D