Stealthy Santa (aka Secret Santa)

No more Santas accepted this year

Dear fellow Assassins!

X-Mas is getting closer by the day (uh, yeah, still more then a month, I know, I know!) and I thought it would be nice to do something x-massy with you lot again!
So here we are. Stealthy Santa is back!

I force nobody to join - because I can’t and I want ppl to do this because they feel like sharing and being nice and all that! So no obligation what so ever!
But I would be happy it some of you are like “awesome, where do I have to sign?” right now ;)
You can sign here, btw! Right now! Go on, do it, I know you want to!

So how shall this work?
First off the most important part:
Fellow Assassins! I shall collect names until the 30th of November! and hand them out on that evening (aka German evening!), so we have 24 days until x-mas!
I would strongly suggest to add EVERY other Assassin that participates to your friendlist on steam, just so nobody can guess right away who is gonna be the stealthy Santa!
On to the other important part:
PRESENTS! So we are all here on BLAEO because we like playing games. And to celebrate that, we shall only hand out games! (So everything is virtual, no need to send a package around the world or stuff!)
I don’t mind at all what you hand out. You can actually buy a game on steam and sent it as gift or get a key or what ever. I would recommend a limit though. And since I’m in Europe I say 10€, just as a guideline.
Another thing I would recommend: Stalk your prey (we are after all Assassins and thorough, right?). Learn what they would like (have a look at the wishlist or look up what they play or something?) and then gift them something they would like. Guess it would be a bit disappointing to get a game you wouldn’t wanna play. Well, you probably know how that works best, right?

Some added info to make some points more clear:
The 10€ guideline is supposed to set an amount of money that is not insanely high nor sadly low but can hopefully work out for everybody. You can get multiple games for that amount or just one. You may get game(s) on normal price with it, but if you feel kind and generous, you may as well get something on discount, so that in the end the value of the game given is higher. But most of all it’s about giving something the receiver will like so please be considerate and don’t just hand over leftovers from some bundles nobody wants ;). Hope that didn’t confuse more hide
Sadly I didn’t think of a region solution. Hope that will just work out though :/
Concerning the drawing: I will try it first with the lottery system (aka folding papers and drawing them) aaaaand if that doesn’t work out, I’ll look for some random Generator. Guess that could do the trick too.
Sadly I totally forgot what I learned from last years Santa event, so it’s basically the same this year! :)

So, that’s all from me!
I shall make regular calls up till I release the names (hope that’s ok and I’m not going to bother anybody with it!).

I hope you like the idea and hop aboard!

As always: Complaints can be posted below.
I shall make a list of Stealthy Santas!

Way to early

Stealthy Santa Ninglor


Santas List Presents received
Ninglor03 Y
🐁 MouseWithBeer 🐁 Y
JaffaCaffa Y
tsupertsundere Y
Last.M Y
RikkiUW Y
Bangledeschler Y
Blue Ϟ Lightning Y
Joe Y
kubikill Y
Arbiter Libera Y
RileyHisbert Y
86maylin Y
adil Y
Dixia Y
Seven Deck Y

Suggestions? Questions? Critics?


Just double checking, you can send your giftee their games any time between Dec 1st and Christmas? :)


That’s the idea! \o/

the Traveler

New member, just a very humble comment. This idea sounds really fun and I’d enjoy participating in the spirit of the season – but I think I’d far prefer not getting any more games to add to my backlog until I have mine under control. It’d be cool to have a non-game gift exchange for us recovering addicts lol ;) Maybe DLC for existing library games to encourage playing, non-game software, movies, heck even custom profile avatar or artwork if the person happens to be artsy.


I know what you mean and I feel you. But then again we are a group about gaming and pretty much everybody still wants one game or another. I would be willing to say somebody only wants DLCs, but the rest? I mean, how would I know what somebody like as… movie, book, software, what ever? Nah, we are about gaming! So we stay there :]
Also it might encourage you to play MORE, so your conscience allows you to join next year (again) ;)
Sadly I haven’t figured out a way to get rid of games from your lib and give it to somebody else. So I can’t reduce somebodys backlog :(
But I can change the numbers and wish you a merry gaming x-mas that way ;)
Hope that makes some sense to you and you are not to let down by it :/


Well, I wouldn’t mind sending a dlc or 2 to my giftee, if that’s what they want. It’s still a game (or part of it). As long as it’s above the 10€ guideline. ¯\_(ツ)__/¯

the Traveler

Thanks for your response. :)


Perhapse have the giftees also give their regions, so gifters can be cautious of region restrictions? I’d hate to buy my giftee a key to a game they couldn’t play!


That is… a smart idea. I’ll add it in my next reminder :]

Arbiter Libera

Might need a banner for 2019 event so it’s easier to spot. I almost scrolled over it at first without even noticing.


Well, you can totally be a generous Santa and make one! <3
Also: I’m just about to post another call for santas :D


Apply here! :)


*✲゚ Yaaay it’s back, last years was fun! 🎁 Region: USA


I really enjoyed doing this last year! I want to sign up again.


signs on the dotted line o/


Sounds interesting, I’m in.


Ready for another great Stealthy Santa year! ^_^

Blue Ϟ Lightning

although my computer is to much of a potato to RN last years gift well :/


Me please!


I would love to join!

Arbiter Libera

You know I do.


I’m in!


First timer here. Count me in. :D


Applying here! :)
It was pretty nice last year so I might as well go for it again! Thanks for hosting it once again.


i would love to join up


FYI I think you replied to the wrong part. :3 points upwards

Arbiter Libera

Now I find myself in a position of being wary to buy anything because I don’t know what my Secret Santa has planned. :D


Oh! Hahaha! Yeah, I can understand. Never thought of that giggle
And it is ofc Hohoho, not hahaha :D