Stealthy Santa (aka Secret Santa)

Welcome Dear Santa!

Dear fellow Assassins!

X-Mas is getting closer by the day, so it’s time to set this up again!
Wolcome back to Stealthy Santa !

Nobody is forced to join - because I can’t and I want ppl to do this because they feel like sharing and being nice and all that! So no obligation what so ever!
But I would be happy it some of you are like “awesome, where do I have to sign?” right now ;)
You can sign here, btw! Right now! Go on, do it, I know you want to!

So how shall this work?
First off the most important part:
Fellow Assassins! I shall collect names until the 30th of November! and hand them out on that evening (aka German evening!), so we have 24 days until x-mas!
I would strongly suggest to add EVERY other Assassin that participates to your friendlist on steam, so nobody can guess right away who is gonna be his or her stealthy Santa!
On to the other important part:
PRESENTS! So we are all here on BLAEO because we like playing games. And to celebrate that, we shall only hand out games! (So everything is virtual, no need to send a package around the world or stuff!)
I don’t mind at all what you hand out. You can actually buy a game on steam and sent it as gift or get a key or whatever. I would recommend a limit though. And since I’m in Europe I say 10€, just as a guideline.
Another thing I would recommend: Stalk your prey (we are after all Assassins and thorough, right?). Learn what they would like (have a look at the wishlist or look up what they play or something?) and then gift them something they would like. Guess it would be a bit disappointing to get a game you wouldn’t wanna play. Well, you probably know how that works best, right?

Some added info to make some points more clear:
The 10€ guideline is supposed to set an amount of money that is not insanely high nor sadly low but can hopefully work out for everybody. You can get multiple games for that amount or just one. You may get game(s) on normal price with it, but if you feel kind and generous, you may as well get something on discount, so that in the end the value of the game given is higher. But most of all it’s about giving something the receiver will like so please be considerate and don’t just hand over leftovers from some bundles nobody wants ;). Hope that didn’t confuse more hide
As for the regional limitation to buy gifts via steam: I’ll not throw ppl from a region together to avoid this, instead I suggest getting keys and gifting them. That way there shouldn’t be a problem.
Pls add your Region when you apply :)
Concerning the drawing: I will try it first with the lottery system (aka folding papers and drawing them) aaaaand if that doesn’t work out, I’ll look for some random Generator. Worked out fine these last years, so I’ll stick with that :3

So, that’s all from me!

I hope you like the idea and hop aboard!

As always: Complaints can be posted below.
I shall make a list of Stealthy Santas!

And a big THANK YOU! Tewam for making the banner for us! Thank you so much, it already felt a bit like getting a present! <3

Way to early

Stealthy Santa Ninglor



Santas List

Santa Region Presents received
ninglor03 Germany  
Cece09 UK  
samwise84 Germany  
Traqie Poland  
Jaded Australia  
NoSenses Costa Rica  
Arbiter Libera Croatia  
🐁 MouseWithBeer 🐁 Slovenia  
Py France  
Spamlynguist Netherlands  
kubikill Poland  
Hyo Colombia  
escollo Kyrgyzstan/ CIS  
86maylin Taiwan  
adil France  
Tovstonoh Ukraine (CIS) / Poland  
Aiori Spain  
Moony1986 Germany  
RikkiUW Canada  
Just Ducky Australia  
LeoTurambar Italy  

Suggestions? Questions? Critics?


Would you kindly make an announcement about the event on the discord server?


Now I feel super shy, but that is indeed an idea!


Apply here!


Everyone you are my secret santa. 1 lucky winner will have me as theirs back


Yay, welcome back! \o/


Raises hand, you know where I hail from queen of the HOGs


Noted down. Happy you’re back :3


Sign me up boss. Region - Poland


Welcome aboard dear Santa \o/


I’ll sign up again! Had fun last year :D (Region: Australia)


Glad to have you back on board \o/


And of course you can count with me :P - Costa Rica


Yay, happy to have you :3

Arbiter Libera

If having a backlog means I’m naughty then I should be in jail at this point. You know I’m down for this (Croatia).


Ah, you recon one can play a lot while in jail? thinking
If not, let’s stay clear of it and just be naughty :D

🐁 MouseWithBeer 🐁

I asked you about this a while back so ofc I am applying. Slovenia


Indeed you did, glad to have you back :3


Sign me up!


You’re on the list, dear Santa! \o/


Had a blast last year, definitely in again! Netherlands


Yay, welcome back \o/


I’d like to join again! Poland


Yay, welcome back, Santa kubikill! \o/


I’m in. Region Colombia. I’ve never actually participated on a Secret Santa before, I just usually gift games to some friends during Christmas sale.

Also, Gacha has taken most of my gaming time and I play more on Switch nowadays, so, my Steam backlog has stagnated, at least I also buy less games for PC so, it hasn’t increased that much the last years.


There always is a first time. Happy to have you :)


I’m in. Kyrgyzstan/ CIS


Yay, welcome, dear Santa \o/


I’ll join! Although I haven’t posted anything in a while now… procrastination is getting me. :< Taiwan is probably in Asia region? I actually forgot the exact region thingy on steam. :blobsweat:


Posting is absolutely no obligation to take part :D
Begone vile procrastination! waves it off Hope you’re doing fine though.
Welcome aboard, dear Santa \o/


Back again! Thanks for holding it once more. (France)


Yay, welcome back, dear adil \o/


Sign me up, please. The region thing is, um, complicated. Ukraine (CIS) / Poland.


Welcome to the Santa troop! \o/


I’d also like to take part :) - Germany


Welcome, dear Santa Moony \o/


Count me in! Canada.


Glad you could make it this year too :3


I wish to join but only as gifting side and not receiving. Would that be possible? There are couple ways to do it:

  • Appoint me as someone’s santa but no one for me
  • I’ll make a private giveaway for everyone participating

I think an invite only giveaway would be the fairest thing here :)

Glad you are on board \o/


Roger! I’ll check the roster at the beginning of December and invite people to giveaway.


That’s very sweet of you <3


I will be happy to join the event! :D
Region: Italy


I’m happy to add you \o/

Arbiter Libera

I’ve made it a bad habit not to visit the site as often as I used to, but I’m glad I haven’t missed the Secret Santa event. :D


Well as long as you see the Santa event all is well, right? xD


This comment was deleted 24 days ago.


What a nice initiative! I want to participate so I am in. It’s not good for backlog but I like this initiative for Christmas (I did it on my life during some years). Region: Spain (Europe).

PS: I was/am finishing a big charge of work these months, I’m going to finish it in next weeks, so I will be back to the Challenge me and the Monthly theme initiatives. Greetings!


Glad to have you on board and good luck with your work :3


It might be a stupid question, but how and when do we have to send gifts, and why do we have to befriend everyone on the list? I am new to this, so please tell me the details like to a child. :D


Hey, there are no stupid questions :)
Gifting is from the 1st of December until the 24th.
We befriend everyone so we have all the ppl together and nobody instantly knows who’s your Santa, when it starts. Like if we didn’t but somebody added you on the 1st of December you’d know right away they are your Santa, right? Even if they didn’t gift stuff right away :)
Ah, as for the how: You can either send them a gift via steam directly. Like buy something on the shop and sent it as gift. Or you get a key from some page and gift that. You also create an invite only GA and only invite the person you’re gifting to. No limitations really \o/
Hope that clears things up a bit - if not, feel free to ask more :3


Thanks, yeah, things start to clear up for me. I thought it has to stay a secret even after the gift is sent, hence the question how. But I guess it doesn’t make sense.


Well if you really wanted to keep it a secret, I could always help out. But so far the secret stopped with the gifting :)


Why gifting start on 1st tho? :( Wouldn’t it be better if we all got our gifts on the same date? (Or close to it, timezones etc)


Bc it’s an advent event. So from the 1st til the 24th. So you can get it done right away or check things out and do it more slowly. Totally up to you here.

Just Ducky

I don’t normally see the home page of BLAEO, almost missed this. Thank you, Microsoft, for forcing me to restart everything, lol.
This looks like fun, count me in, Australia


Well, thank you Microsoft xD
Glad to have you \o/